Agricultural Science WAEC Syllabus 2024 Expo: Download Complete PDF

Below is this year WAEC syllabus for Agricultural (AGRIC) Science Expo Download Free Pdf,  2024 WAEC Agric Syllabus, Today's 2024 Agricultural WAEC Syllabus questions and answers. Please note that this syllabus is for both internal and external candidates 

Download Complete PDF View Agricultural Science WAEC Syllabus as Text 

2024-2025 WAEC Agric Science Syllabus: 

Agricultural Science WAEC Syllabus 2024 Expo: Download Complete PDF

Aims and Objectives:

  • Stimulate and sustain students’ interest in agriculture.
  • Enable students to acquire functional knowledge and practical skills for further studies and occupations in agriculture.

Scheme of Examination:

  • Three papers: Papers 1, 2, and 3, all compulsory. Papers 1 and 2 are composite papers taken in one sitting.

Paper 1:

  • Fifty multiple-choice questions, to be answered within 50 minutes for 50 marks.

Paper 2:

  • Six essay questions, each drawn from at least two themes in the syllabus. Candidates answer five questions within 2 hours and 10 minutes for 90 marks.

Paper 3:

  • Practical paper for school candidates or an alternative for private candidates. Four questions, to be answered within 1½ hours for 60 marks.

Instructions to Schools:

  • Establish a farm with crop cultivation, keep at least one species of ruminant and one non-ruminant, and consider a fish pond where feasible.
  • Maintain practical notebooks recording individual activities, observations, and specimens collected.
  • Implement continuous assessment of candidates for better performance.

Main Objectives of Curriculum:

  • Stimulate and sustain students’ interest in agriculture.
  • Equip students with knowledge and skills for further agricultural studies and careers.

Topics Covered:

  • Definition and branches of agricultural science.
  • Importance of agriculture to individuals, communities, and nations.
  • Problems of agricultural development and possible solutions.
  • Subsistence vs. commercial agriculture.
  • Roles of government, agricultural finance, and laws.
  • Agricultural ecology, ecosystem, and land use.
  • Agro-allied industries and their relationship with agriculture.
  • Environmental factors affecting crop and animal production.
  • Soil composition, nutrients, and management.
  • Organic agriculture, irrigation, and drainage.
  • Agricultural pollution and its effects.
  • Farm tools, machinery, and mechanization.
  • Farm surveying, planning, and farmstead design.
  • Husbandry of various crops and livestock.
  • Crop improvement methods and forest management.
  • Beekeeping, demand and supply, and price support.
  • Farm management, agricultural finance, and capital markets.
  • Farm records, marketing, agricultural insurance, and extension services.
  • Practical aspects including soil analysis, farm equipment, crop planting, livestock management, and fish harvesting.

Download Complete PDF View Agricultural Science WAEC Syllabus as Text

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