Civic Education WAEC Syllabus 2024

This year's WAEC Syllabus for Civic Education is provided below. 2024 Civic Education WAEC Syllabus. Please note that this syllabus caters to both internal and external candidates.

Civic Education WAEC Syllabus 2024

Aims and Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of citizenship in society.
  • Explain the structure, functions, and responsibilities of government to the people.
  • Know emerging issues in society.
  • Understand the rights, duties, and obligations of citizens to government and society.
  • Appreciate democratic values and strive to uphold them.

Scheme of Examination: 

There will be two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2, both of which will be on composite paper and will be taken in one sitting.

Paper 1: This will be a 1-hour multiple-choice test consisting of fifty questions drawn from the entire syllabus and will carry 40 marks.

Paper 2: This paper will be a 2-hour essay-type test consisting of three sections: Sections A, B, and C. Each section will contain three questions. Candidates will be required to answer four questions, choosing at least one from each section. The paper will carry 60 marks.

Sections Covered in Paper 2:

  • Section A: National Ethics, Discipline, Rights, and Obligation
  • Section B: Emerging Issues in Society
  • Section C: Governmental System and Processes

Topics Covered in Section C:

  • Meaning, types, and features of democracy
  • Importance of democracy
  • Pillars of democracy
  • Problems of democracy
  • Meaning of rule of law
  • Features of rule of law
  • Importance of rule of law
  • Problems of rule of law
  • Meaning of national development
  • How democracy and Rule of law promote national development - good governance, employment creation, and poverty alleviation, etc.

Additional Topics Covered:

  • Political Apathy

    • Meaning of political apathy
    • Causes of political apathy
    • Consequences of political apathy
    • Why leaders fail to protect the interests of their followers
    • How leaders can protect the interests of their followers
    • Ways of discouraging political apathy.
  • Civil Society and Popular Participation

    • Meaning of popular participation
    • Types of popular participation
    • The need for popular participation in society
    • Traditional and modern modes of popular participation
    • Achieving popular participation in politics
    • Meaning of civil society
    • Functions/need for civil society
    • Qualities/characteristics of civil society, i.e., accountability, fairness, justice, equity, etc.
    • Problems of civil society, i.e., bribery and corruption, inadequate funding, the overbearing influence of foreign donors, etc.
  • Public Service in Democracy

    • Meaning of public service
    • Functions of public service
    • Problems of public service
    • Reasons for the shortcomings in public service
    • Ways of improving the public service.

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