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WAEC 2024 Data Processing Answers:

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Last Year 2023 Data Processing-ESSAY 

1Disk Space Analyzer
a) Helps to identify files and folders taking up too much space
b) Provides graphical representation of disk usage
c) Allows for sorting and deletion of large files and folders
d) Frees up disk space
e) Optimizes computer performance
| 2 | Backup Utility |
a) Creates backup copies of data files and settings
b) Provides automated backup schedule
c) Offers different types of data backups
d) Ensures data security through encryption and password protection
e) Allows for data restoration in case of system failure or data loss
| 3 | Register Cleaner |
a) Scans Windows Registry for errors and invalid entries
b) Cleans up obsolete and unwanted registry entries
c) Improves computer performance
d) Streamlines registry system
e) Makes system backups
f) Prevents system crashes
| 4 | File Manager |
a) Manages files and folders
b) Provides user-friendly interface
c) Enables creation, deletion, and renaming of files and folders
d) Organizes files and folders
e) Facilitates file transfer
f) Provides advanced search features
| 5 | Uninstaller |
a) Removes unwanted software or applications
b) Removes traces of uninstalled software
c) Removes multiple applications at once
d) Provides a list of installed programs
e) Ensures complete and safe removal of software
f) Improves system performance by freeing up disk space
(Number 2)
DescriptionMalware TypesSymptomsPrevention
2Malware definitionTrojan horses, Ransomware, SpywareUnexpected freezing or crashing, Diminished storage space, Unusual error messages
Number 3
ProfessionToolsTool FunctionalitySoftware Use
3Architects, Graphic designersPick Tool, Shape edit Tool, Crop ToolSelecting and arranging objects, Editing shape of objects, Removing unwanted areas


2021 WAEC Data processing Answers

1-10CCDDBCBDEE(Not provided)
11-20ACCABDDDCB(Not provided)
21-30BACEEADADA(Not provided)
1aTeleconferencing definition
1bBanking transaction methods
1ciModem function
1ciiCommunication methods
1diInformation transmission methods
5aiSoftware examples
5aiHardware examples
5aiiEmail requirements
5aiiiEmail limitations
5bWeb browser examples
6aiDrop cap
6aiiDrop cap steps
6aiiiColumn creation steps
6bGraphic design elements
6ciEllipse tool steps
6ciiText addition steps
6ciiiText formatting steps
6civText to path steps

2024 WAE Data processing obj/theory questions and answers Now Available

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