Current WAEC Syllabus for Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting 2024

Here's the current WAEC syllabus for Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting 2024, You can easily download the Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting WAEC May/June & GCE Syllabus with questions and answers in PDF/Doc format. 
This syllabus covers both the May/June and November/December [GCE] Examination sessions for the years 2021 to 2025

Current WAEC Syllabus for Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting 2024

This syllabus for Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting has been thoughtfully complied by our team to help students in their preparation for the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations, WASSCE.


The examination will consist of three papers: Papers 1, 2, and 3, all of which are compulsory.

Paper 1: This paper will contain forty multiple-choice objective questions, to be answered within 1 hour, carrying a total of 40 marks.

Paper 2: Candidates will face five essay questions and must choose to answer any four within 1½ hours, carrying a total of 60 marks.

Paper 3: This practical test will last for 3 hours and 10 minutes, featuring one compulsory question worth 100 marks.

Materials required for the practical test will be provided to schools at least two weeks before the examination to facilitate procurement and preparation.

ALTERNATIVE TO PRACTICAL TEST: In cases where materials for the practical test cannot be obtained, the Council may opt for a theoretical assessment of candidates' practical skills as outlined in the syllabus. This alternative test will involve one question to be answered within 3 hours, carrying a total of 100 marks.


  1. The Repair of Vehicle Bodies by Alan Robinson (3rd Edition).
  2. Fundamentals of Vehicle Body Work by J. Fairbrother.
  3. Practical Welding (The Motivate Series Mac-Milan Texts for Industrial Vocational and Technical Education) by S. Gibson.
  4. Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology, Chassis and Body Electronics (5th Edition) Book 1, 2, and 3 by Hilliers V. A. W. and David R. Rogers.
  5. Bodywork Maintenance and Repair Including Interiors by Paul Browne.
  6. Automotive Encyclopedia by Goodheart-Willcox.
  7. Auto Body Repair and Repainting by Bill Tobold.


  1. Safety Rules and Regulations in Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting

    • Definition of safety rules and regulations.
    • List of rules and regulations and their importance.
    • List of safety tools and equipment/machines for auto body repairs.
    • Auto body dressing code: personal protective equipment.
    • Sources of accidents and their preventions.
    • Factory acts on safety rules and regulations.
  2. Tools and Equipment

    • Types of hand tools and their uses.
    • Types and uses of power tools and equipment/machines.
    • Advantages and disadvantages of machines.
    • Spray painting tools and equipment.
    • Maintenance of tools and equipment.
  3. Materials for Auto-Body Repairs and Spray Painting

    • Types of body fillers, abrasives, sealers, and paints.
    • Manufacturers' paint guide.
    • Identification of materials and their uses.
  4. Type of Metals

    • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
    • Properties of metals.
    • Uses of metals on auto bodies.
  5. Heat Treatment of Metals

    • Definition and types of heat treatment.
    • Importance of heat treatment.
    • Demonstration of heat treatment processes.
  6. Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Equipment

    • Definition and safety precautions of oxy-acetylene welding.
    • Oxy-acetylene welding equipment.
    • Installation and use of welding equipment.
  7. Auto Body Repair Work

    • Types of auto bodies and methods of straightening.
    • Tools used in minor repairs and major body sections.
    • Identification and repair of damaged vehicle sections.
  8. Aluminum Panel Repair

    • Steps involved in aluminum panel repair.
    • Repair and alignment of damaged aluminum panels.
    • Aluminum deck lid repair procedure.
  9. Plastic Repairs

    • Precautions while working with plastics.
    • Types of plastic resins and repair methods.
    • Introduction to glass fiber panel repair.
  10. Spray Painting

    • Spray gun and accessories.
    • Surface preparation and types of paints.
    • Metallic paint and special paints.
    • Demonstration of spray painting techniques.
  11. Auto Body Workshop Business

    • Factors to consider in locating an auto body repair shop.
    • List of tools and equipment required for the business.

Kindly note that the Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting Syllabus is designed for both O-level SSCE and GCE Exams. It is applicable to all students preparing for exams in May/June, Jan/Feb, and November/December sessions.

To obtain the Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting in PDF format, please click on the provided links below:




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