How To Apply for UK Self-Sponsorship Visa: Obtaining Permanent Residency in UK

Are you searching online for How To Apply for UK Self-Sponsorship visa? Or looking for a way of Obtaining Permanent Residency in UK? If yes, you're on the right place. In this article, I'll explain everything you need to know about Self-Sponsorship and how you can apply for UK Permanent Visa. It can be Found below:

How To Apply for UK Self-Sponsorship: Obtaining Permanent Residency in UK

How does self-sponsorship work?

In the UK, you can apply for self-sponsorship Visa if you want to work for your own business without having a UK sponsor. You and your family may be granted citizenship in the UK and permanent residency as a result.

This is for whom?

If you are an entrepreneur who has found a business opportunity in the UK, OR if you have a brilliant business concept and want to investigate your business possibility in the UK, then

  • You desire ownership of the UK company.
  • You want to run, maintain, and lead your UK business.
  • If you want to feel free to live your life without worrying about losing your UK visa, this option might be right for you.

Who would be acceptable?

Anyone who meets all of the requirements listed below is eligible to self-sponsor:

  • possesses skills, expertise, or credentials relevant to the type of business they wish to launch
  • possesses a business concept or has located an existing UK company to acquire
  • Possesses enough resources to sustain their projected enterprise in the UK

Please be aware that there is no set minimum or maximum investment amount needed for your business. It might be as much as £25,000 depending on your company's needs.

Ideally, the Authorising Officer will be someone who has made a home in the UK or is a citizen of the country.

Able to take and pass a Level B1 English language test, as approved.

As a reminder, the English language requirement is at a beginner's level.

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Which businesses are eligible for self-sponsorship?

The self-sponsorship option is open to any business.

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Why is the self-sponsorship option superior?

If you wish to start a business there or expand your current international operation to the UK, the Self Sponsorship technique may be the ideal strategy for working and living there. In order to enter the UK under the Skilled Worker Visa category, it is essential to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a "Self Sponsorship Visa."

You can create a UK firm that will sponsor your entry and work in the UK with the help of the self-sponsorship visa (with the assistance of a UK resident Director).

The Innovator Visa has a minimum investment requirement, whereas you can own shares in the company.

One of self-most sponsorship's important advantages is that it gives business owners the freedom to operate and manage their enterprises in the United Kingdom without worrying about having their visas cancelled.

This visa option is most suitable for seasoned businesspeople or someone who has studied the UK market and identified an opportunity to establish a new business here. You need to first acquire a Sponsor Licence before the Company can sponsor you.


  • 148,240 or 62% of all work-related visas issued and 98% of all skilled labor grants in 2021 came from the skilled worker visa route, which was established in late 2020. In total, 1,311,731 UK visas were granted in 2021.

While just a few of the 33 UK organizations that grant endorsements for innovators now accept open applications, there are currently 33 UK organizations that do. Many of them only accept applications from those who are already a part of their organization, and many of them offer very little information about their procedure that is available to the general public.

As a result, the great majority of prospective applicants are effectively shut out of the category. Some certifying bodies have acknowledged that they are either not ready, lack the required paperwork, or are not yet prepared to start accepting applications for endorsement. The majority of endorsing bodies received only rudimentary training from the Home Office prior to the establishment of this path regarding their responsibilities.

The visa process gives the impression that the traveler did not make adequate preparations and plans.

Eligibility for UK Self-Sponsorship route

Self-sponsorship is open to anyone who meets the requirements listed below:

  • The applicant should have some experience, expertise, or qualifications in the sector where they intend to start their business.
  • The applicant must have an existing firm in the UK that they intend to expand, or they must have identified one.
  • The applicant must be financially capable of operating their desired business in the UK.
  • Please take note that there is no requirement for a minimum or maximum investment in your business endeavor. It may reach a maximum of £25,000 depending on your company's requirements.
  • The applicant is acquainted with a British citizen who resides in the UK and is qualified to perform the functions of the authorising officer.
  • A certified Level B1 English language test must be taken and passed by the applicant.
  • English language proficiency is necessary.
Compared to innovator or startup visas, the pros and cons of the self-sponsorship option.

Here's a tabular example:

Here’s a tabled guide:

Self Sponsorship VisaInnovator Visa Start-up Visa
A 100% shareholder and director of your business are both options.Although there is no shareholding requirement for these routes, applicants should be aware that some endorsing bodies for the Start-Up and Innovator visas require a portion of the company's stock in order to give an endorsement.Although there is no shareholding requirement for these routes, applicants for the Start-Up and Innovator visas should be aware that some endorsing bodies require a portion of the company's stock before giving an endorsement.
Self-sponsorship is open to any type of business.This business is for experienced business personsThis business is for new entrepreneurs
No Endorsement letter requiredEndorsement letter is required Endorsement letter is required
No such requirementsYour business concept must be original and unheard of in the market.Your business idea has to be something unique that is not already existing in the market
Valid for 4 years as per the conditions of The UK Skilled Worker visaValid for 3 yearsValid for 2 years
If you have found a business opportunity in the UK and are a successful businessperson, you are eligible to apply.You cannot join a business that is already open for business.You cannot join a business that is already trading
As your own sponsor, there is no chance of your visa being terminated.Your visa could expire if your endorsement is cancelled.Your visa might expire if your endorsement is revoked.

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What steps comprise the UK self-sponsorship process?

Stage 1: Creating a UK corporation and requesting a Sponsor License.

You can register your UK corporation with the aid of a licensed UK accountant.

Reminder: If you don't live in the UK, you must first name a UK-based director.

Approximately six to eight weeks.

How can I get a sponsor license?

A minimum of 4 of the following documents must be submitted by your UK company:

  • The most recent UK bank statement
  • Showing money on the account (the amount required will depend on the type of business you are planning to run)
  • Certificate of VAT for Employer's Liability Insurance
  • Reference Number for PAYE and Accounts

Additional details

The following should be present in the UK company:

  • A website that works (if applicable)
  • Email for the business
  • If a business is just starting out, it should have a business plan.
  • A list of the current employees and open positions in the organization.
  • A letter confirming the various information about your business, including the contact information, business hours, open positions, and the amount you will pay yourself.

Stage 2: Prepare a Human Resources package and deliver it to your UK business.

You must make sure that your business has the policies and practices required to sponsor you as a skilled worker before you can submit an application for a sponsor license.

About two days' worth of time.

Stage 3: Receive a Certificate of Sponsorship and receive help from us with your Skilled Worker Visa.

As soon as your UK approves

A Defined Certificate of Sponsorship is required in order to obtain a company Sponsor license.

4 to 12 weeks is the approximate timeframe.

How much capital do I need for my UK business?

Investments can be anywhere between £25,000 and more; there is no minimum or maximum.

Can I serve as the sole shareholder and director of the UK company?

Yes, you are allowed to own all the shares and serve as the director.

When do I have to present the money?

prior to the Sponsor License being sent to the Home Office.

What will my role be in the UK business?

You can be one of the main shareholders in the UK company, and your job title might be anything from managing director to director of operations, or any other position you might need to manage your company.

What is the cost of a skilled worker visa?

464 to 1408 pounds. The Immigration Health Surcharge, which is now £624 per year for adults and £470 per year for dependent children, is one of the additional payments that may be charged.

Is it possible for me to work elsewhere in the UK?

Depending on your job classification, you might be able to find supplemental work.

In what ways may A Y & J Solicitors help with self sponsorship?

We can:

introduce you to key individuals who can work with you to accomplish your goal, including but not limited to an accountant, a web designer, and a sales or marketing expert.

  • Creating a business plan for a company
  • Instructions for opening a business bank account
  • Prepare your corporate sponsor license application and provide advice.
  • Prepare and instruct your approving officer
  • Your Skilled Worker Application should be prepared and submitted.
  • Giiving you full-service assistance with your UK immigration process.

What happens to your sponsor license or visa status if the business does not succeed over the course of the five years?

The Sponsor Licence is good for 4 years; at the conclusion of that time, an application for renewal must be submitted to the Home Office. You may keep your sponsor license as long as your business is operational and trading. You would have to change your immigration category if your company were to cease operations.

What will happen if the Authorising Officer (AO) departs the organization?

The Authorising Officer will have to be changed by the Company (AO).

FAQs: UK Self-Sponsorship 

  • Can my husband and children join me?

You are welcome to bring your spouse or partner and kids to the UK.

  • How much time is the visa good for?

from three to five years.

  • Do I have to be paid a salary while getting self-sponsorship?

In accordance with the appropriate work classification, your employer must pay you a monthly income.


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