WAEC GCE Building Construction Questions and Answers 2022 - Drawing and Essay

WAEC GCE Building Construction (Drawing and Essay) Questions and Answers for 2022 are out. This paper is scheduled to hold Saturday, 19th November 2022

Building Construction 3 (Building Drawing and Essay) 2hrs 30mins 9:30am - 12noon

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WAEC GCE Building contruction answers and questions

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WAEC Building Construction Past Question and Answers 

The 2012 Paper 1 & 2 past questions on building drawing construction answers:

Lack of Candidates

Many candidates were found to:

  • omitted sectional lines from the plan;
  • - lacks understanding of describing building roofs' kind and pitch;
  • - Failed to create door and window schedules using the standard format.

Candidates should be the following to strengthen these areas:

  • - receiving a variety of drawing assignments involving the many lines used in construction drawings and their uses;
  • - exposure to working construction designs created by certified specialists like architects and structural engineers;
  • – familiar with different roof kinds and their structures.

Candidates' Ability

Candidates showed significant development in the:
  • - the creation of drawings at the appropriate scales; - the use of suitable conventional symbols to represent the main construction components; - the area of dimensioning their drawings as necessary.

Candidate Requirements

A 675 by a 225-inch concrete strip that is 900 feet below ground level serves as the foundation.

FLOORS: Earth filling; Hardcore - 300; Concrete slab - 150; Mortar screed - 25.

WALLS: Each wall is made of 225 hollow sandcrete blocks that have 12 mortar renderings on each side.

DOORS: D1 is a glazed metal door measuring 1200 by 2100, and D2 is a paneled wooden door measuring 900 by 2100 with a 100 by 75 hardwood timber frame.

WINDOWS: W1 is 1800 x 1200, W2 is 1200 x 1200, and W3 is 600 x 600. All of the windows are glazed aluminum sliding type.

Concrete beams, lintels, and columns measuring 225 by 225 are reinforced.

Wardrobes are divided into sections for textiles and boxes.

THRESHOLD STEPS: 1200 inches in width, 300 inches in the tread, and 150 inches in rise.

Metal balustrade that is (MB)900 high when measured from the ground.

VERANDAH: A metal balustrade that is 900 inches tall, measured from the ground.

ROOF: A double-pitched timber roof covered in corrugated sheets of galvanized iron;

750 Eaves projection; Pitch is 150 and the ceiling height is 3000.

Disclaimer: The questions and answers above are not expos for the Building Drawing and Essay  They are WAEC GCE 2022 Building Construction past and likely questions and answers meant for your to practice.


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