2023-2024 Eiffel Excellence Scholarships for International Students [Study In France]

Are you looking for Eiffel Excellence Scholarships to study in France? Do you want to get admission to Eiffel Scholarship France University? If Yes, Your Search end here. The Eiffel Scholarships in France for International Students are available and the Deadline: 10 Jan 2023 (annual).

Eiffel Excellence Scholarships

In this post, I will explain what Eiffel scholarships are about and everything steps by step, how to apply for International Students in 2023/2024

#1: What is Eiffel?

An engineer from France who built the Eiffel Tower (1832-1923) was a similar person: Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. Applied scientists, engineers, and technologists are some examples. a person who solves difficulties in the real world by applying scientific knowledge.

As the tallest building in Paris, the tower is 330 meters (1,083 feet) tall, or roughly the same as an 81-story building. Its square base is 125 meters (410 feet) on each side. The Chrysler Building in New York City was completed in 1930, displacing the Eiffel Tower as the world's tallest man-made structure, a title it held for 41 years. 

The Washington Monument was surpassed during construction. It was the first building in history to rise above both the 200- and 300-meter height thresholds. It is now 5.2 meters taller than the Chrysler Building as a result of the addition of a broadcasting aerial to the tower's top in 1957. (17 ft). The Eiffel Tower is not a transmitter, though

About Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs launched the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program to help French higher education institutions draw top international students to their master's and Ph.D. programs.

It encourages applicants up to 25 years old from developing countries for master's level programs and applicants up to 30 years old from developing and industrialized countries for Ph.D. level programs, providing opportunities to future foreign decision-makers in the private and public sectors in priority areas of study.

Hosting Organization(s):

  • French academic institutions and universities

Level of Study:

In collaboration with a partner institution abroad, a master's degree program, engineering program, or joint doctoral program (joint supervision of dissertation and/or dual degree) may be offered.

Studying area(s):

The following 7 fields of study for the Master's and Doctoral components are covered by two significant disciplinary areas covered by the Eiffel scholarships:

  • For science and technology: biology and health; environmental change; math and digital; sciences in engineering
  • History, the French language, and culture are relevant to the humanities and social sciences. Political science and law, as well as economics and management

target audience:
  • abroad studying students
Scholarship worth, components, and length:
  • The Eiffel scholarship can be given for 12-36 months and comprises a monthly grant of €1,181 for Master's level studies. The Eiffel scholarship is given for a maximum of 12 months and comprises a monthly grant of €1,700 for PhD-level studies.
  • Additionally, the program covers a variety of costs like domestic and international travel, health insurance, housing searches, and cultural events.
  • The Eiffel Program does not cover tuition costs.

Eligibility For Eiffel Scholarships Programs:

If you have any questions, please contact the French higher education institution you are applying to.

How to apply for Eiffel Scholarship Excellence in France 2023

Applications from students themselves ARE NOT accepted. French higher education institutions submit applications for EIFFEL scholarships.

As a result, in order to be considered for the scholarship, you must apply and fulfill the conditions of the French higher education institution. Applications that are sent directly by students or by foreign institutions will be rejected. The application deadline for French institutions that are participating early falls in November or December 2022. The Campus France application deadline is January 10, 2023.

It is crucial to go to the official website (link provided below) in order to access the online application form and to get comprehensive instructions on how to apply for this scholarship

 CLICK HERE Visit and apply for Excellence scholarships through the official website



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