2022 WAEC GCE Physics Questions and Answers (Essay and Objectives)

2022 WAEC GCE Physics exam questions and solutions. Here are the questions and answers for the 2022 WAEC Physics exam. The WAEC GCE Physics Objective and Theory Answers, WAEC Physics Essay 2022, WAEC GCE 2022 Physics, and the advice you need to ace your WAEC GCE Physics test with ease are all available here.

WEAC Physics GCE Exam Questions and Answers

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2022 WAEC GCE Physics AnswersEssay and Objectives

2022 WAEC GCE Physics Essay and Objectives

Note: During the WAEC GCE Physics exam, the 2022 WAEC GCE Answers (expo) will be posted here. To be informed when the answers are uploaded, keep checking and refreshing this page. Remember to refresh this page to view the Answers.

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OBJ Responses:

The following are the Nov./Dec. 2021 answers.

NOTE: Please follow it from your goal.

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[Choose an option from your objectives if you find any here.]

1. the pull of gravity

2. Potential or kinetic

3. Violet

4. Tesla

5. electrical engine

6. Loudness

7. energy field

8. Constriction

9. Lead

10. Good emitters are good absorbers of radiant heat.

11. Decrease

12. audio wave


14 just I and IV

15. Diaphragm

16. If the multiplier has a large resistance, switch to a voltmeter.

17. P is on a par with Q.

18. 34.0⁰C

19. 0.02secs

20. 2.7×10kg/m³

21. The wheel turns as a result of applied centripetal force.

22. Mg(sθ-μcosθ)

23. 0.60Ω^-¹m^-¹

24. 800N

25. The moon and the earth both orbit the sun.

26. 0.04secs

27. 0.25×10³

28. 2uf

29. Feel the electrostatic repulsion force

30. 6m/s²

31. 0.67

32. Axe

33. The conductor's mass

34. 20ms^-¹

35. The air in the area is ionized by charge.

36. west east

37. 5.8 A

38. 25.1m

39. 20N

40. 40g

41. crucial stance

42. Momentum

43. fixed gas mass

44. K

45. increases the maximum allowable energy level

46. The liquid's weight

47. spring equilibrium

48. Argon

49. Images are constantly created behind the mirror.

50. Christopher Coumb

WAEC GCE Physics Theory Answers for today:

No (1) (1)

They are used to determine the unit of a certain physical quantity in a specified unit system.

They are used to determine physical constants' or coefficients' dimensions.

They are used to translate physical quantities across different measurement systems (iii).

No (2a) (2a)

Time of flight: The amount of time needed for a projectile to return to the same level from whence it was launched is known as Time of Flight (T).

T = 2usin g

(2b) Maximum height: The maximum height (H) is the greatest vertical distance that can be reached when measured in relation to the projectile's horizontal path.

H = U2sin2/2g

(2c) Range: The horizontal distance from the point of projection to the point the projectile strikes the projection plane once more is known as Range(R).

R = U2sin2g

7a) No, magnetic materials are substances that are researched and employed primarily for their magnetic properties. The inherent angular momentum, or spin, of a material's electrons determines a major portion of the magnetic response of that material.

(5a) The forbidden gap is a collection of energy levels that are located between the conduction band and the valence band and cannot be inhabited by electrons.

Free electrons with negative charges (5b) I

Holes carry positive charges, so they are (ii)

by heating past the Curie point (7b) I

by using a powerful magnetic field.



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No (9ai) Heat is a unit of measurement used to represent the passage of thermal energy between molecules in a system. Heat is a measure of energy flow. Temperature is measured in Celsius (°C), Kelvin (K), Fahrenheit (°F), or Rankine and refers to the average kinetic energy of molecules inside a substance or system (R).

(9aii) The temperature of pure melting ice at standard atmospheric pressure is known as the lower fixed point, or ice point. While the temperature of pure boiling water at standard atmospheric pressure is the top fixed point.

9c. The fractional increase in length of a solid specimen per unit change in temperature is known as linear expansivity. The expansivity () is given by l2 = l1(1 + ) if a specimen lengthens from l1 to l2 when its temperature is elevated by °. *PHYSICS*

(10bi) The superposition principle states that the displacement at a point where two or more waves intersect is equal to the sum of the displacements of the individual waves. The displacements of the various waves can be either positive or negative. If the displacements are vectors, vector addition is used to get the sum.

(10c) Refraction is wavelength dependent. Blue light refracts more than red because its wavelength is shorter while traveling from the atmosphere to glass.

No (11ai) Reactance is a circuit element's resistance to current flow as a result of that element's inductance or capacitance.

(11) Impedance is a measurement of the resistance to alternating current flow across a circuit (11aii).

(8ai) When a body is pushed by a force over a predetermined distance in the force's direction, which is equal to the product of the force and the distance traveled, it is said to have performed work.

(8aii) Workdoned: Force times Distance

= F*S

F = m(v/t)

Work completed = m(v/t) * 1/2vt

= 1/2mv²

Ek = 1/2mv²

work completed = change in the body's kinetic energy


A body must overcome kinetic friction in order to move across another body at a constant speed.


1) The nature of the surfaces in touch

(ii)Relies on the usual force that presses the surfaces together.


Tc = umg + ma

Tc – (0.3 * 3* 10)= 3*2

Tc – 9 = 6

Tc = 9+6 = 15N


2umg - TB = ma

TB – 2(9)= 3*2

TB = 6+18

TB = 24N


TA = ma - 3umg

TA – 3(9) = 3*2

TA – 27 = 6

TA = 6+27

TA = 33N

The questions and answers below are most likely WAEC Physics gce repeated questions and answers; nevertheless, they are not exact 2021 WAEC Physics questions and answers.

These inquiries are practice ones. On the day of the WAEC GCE Physics exam, a link to the 2022 WAEC GCE Physics Expo will be posted on this page.

2022 WAEC Physics Answers

1. What electrical equipment does the above diagram represent?

(a) a.c. generator

(b) a.c. motor

DC generator (c)

DC motor (d)


2. A liquid Q1 with a density of 16.2g/cm3 is used to build a straightforward barometer. Determine the shortest tube length necessary to detect pressure at 1.5 atmospheres. (Mercury's density is 13.6 g/cm3, so one atmosphere contains 76.0 cm of mercury.)

(a) 1358 mm

(b) 957 mm

(c) 760 mm

(d) 638 mm


WAEC Physics Questions and answers

3. The diagram above shows a bar AB balanced horizontally on two knife edges. The bar's weight should be determined.

(a) 10.0 N

(b) 20.0 N

(c) 40.0 N

(d) 50.0 N


4. An object must be positioned in front of a thin converging lens to produce a virtual, erect, and magnified picture.

(a) Between the lens and focus

(b) at the center

between the focus and twice the focal length, in (c)

beyond two times the focal length (d)


WAEC  GCE Physics answer

5. Transverse travelling waves are depicted in the diagram above. What two points have a 180° difference in phase?

1. A and E

B and D (b)

in (c) C and F

D and H (d)


6. On a horizontal surface, two objects P and Q are 1.2 m apart and have respective masses of 100 kg and 20 kg. Determine the net gravitational force that is pulling Q. G = 6.67 x 10-1 Nm2 kg-2

1.11 x 10-7 N in favor of P

(b) 1.11 x 10-7 N in direction of Q

9.26 x 10-8 N in the direction of P

9.26 x 10-8 N in the direction of Q


7. A transformer has 100 turns in its primary and 200 turns in its secondary. Determine the voltage at the secondary if the primary voltage is 100 V.

(a) 50 V

(b) 100 V

(c) 200 V

(d) 400 V


WAEC Physics Answers

8. A block of mass M is at rest on a plane that is inclined at an inclination of to the horizontal in the diagram above. The plane's velocity ratio changes as rises.

increases (a)

(b) shrinks

(c) continue as is

(d) declines and subsequent increases


9. Kinetic energy is reduced by half when a car's speed is reduced.

(a) Increased

quartered in (b)

(c) cut in half

(d) fourfold


10. A 400 cm long wire is strung between two pointed fixtures. Its fundamental frequency when picked up is 150 Hz. Determine the wave's propagation speed.

(a) 250 ms-1

(b) 625 ms-1

(c) 1200 ms-1

(d) 1500 ms-1


WAEC Physics gce answer

11. The waveform is shown in the diagram above. Count the wavelengths that it contains.

(a) 4

(b) 3½

(c) 2½

(d) 2


12. A resistor is referred to as having a set resistance value.

Resistence box

(c) Common resistor

Shunt (c)

multiplier (d)


13. Which of the following claims about an alkaline accumulator is false?

(a) There is no need to worry about the electrolyte.

(b) It is rechargeable

(c) Its internal resistance is little.

(d) It lasts a great deal longer than a lead-acid accumulator.


Answer to WAEC GCE Physics

14. The wire connections to a three-pin plug are shown in the aforementioned diagrams. Accordingly, the wires P, Q, and R are:

(a) Earth, live, and neutral

(b) live, earth, and neutral

(c) life, earth, and neutral

(d) live, neutral, and earth


15. The following statement(s) about parallel plate capacitors, which one(s) is/are true? I. The capacitor's capacitance is inversely proportional to its plate spacing II. From d, c, III, capacitors can filter the a, c, signals. Charges can be stored in capacitors.

I only (a)

(b) Just I and II

(c) Only II and III

I, II, and III (d)


16. Three ammeters, A1, A2, and A3, are included in the circuit, and the readings for A2 and A3 are displayed as shown in the diagram. Calculate the value of A1.

WAEC GCE Physics Answers

(a) 2 A

(b) 3 A

(c) 5 A

(d) 8 A


17. Which of the following claims regarding magnetic lines of force is false? They

(a) Permeate materials that aren't magnetic.

(b) depart for the equator in order to be shortened

(c) are tense and have a tendency to be shored

(d) cross each other.


18. Which of the following uses for an induction coil is not appropriate?

(a) Research into high voltages

(b) Electric discharge research

(c) X-ray tube operation

(d) A.C. transfer of power


19. In an R-L-C series circuit, R is 10, X is 4, and XL is 9. The circuit's impedance is

(a) 4.1Ω

(b) 5.0Ω

(c) 10.8Ω

(d) 11.2Ω


20. A student examines the magnetic field surrounding a bar magnet using two compass needles. Which of the following diagrams correctly depicts the needles' directions?


21. Which of the following particles could be released during a natural radioactive process?

(a) Equal and opposite particles

b-particles, X-rays, and

(c) X-rays and -particles

(d) X- and gamma-rays


22. Which of the following circumstances makes use of the photoelectric effect? I. Devices that automatically turn on lights at nightfall II. Department stores with automatic doors III. Automated air conditioner activation devices IV. Voltage stabilization automatically

(a) Just I, II, and IV

(b) Just I, III, and IV

(c) Only III and IV

(d) Only I and II


23. What radiation has the longest wavelength among the rest?

Gamma rays

Radio wave (b)

c) An infrared beam

(d) X-ray


23. Which of the following fields does not employ radioisotopes?

(a) Health

Oil industry (b)

Agriculture (c)

(d) A weather prediction


24. The symbol for a nuclide is 7032B. Find the neutron-proton ratio for it.

(a) 0.5

(b) 0.8

(c) 1.2

(d) 1.5

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2022 WAEC Physics GCE Essay

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