Work and Study Opportunities In Germany: How To Apply

The German Work and Study Opportunity Application Process. In order to study and work opportunities in Germany, Follow these steps below:

Work and Study Opportunities In Germany: How To Apply

Are you interested in studying and working in Germany? 

Students can earn money while studying in Germany by working as academic assistants, tutors, or other jobs with high pay. 

The type of work opportunities you will be able to find will depend on both government regulations and your level of study. 

If you know the German language, your chances of finding a student job in Germany will be even better.

There are four largest economies in the world, with Germany having the largest economy in Europe. The country has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU. 

In March 2017, Germany's average unemployment rate was 5.8%, with many cities such as Munich or Berlin having much lower rates.

How Can I Find Work As A Student In Germany?

There are three main types of work that international students can do in Germany to gain professional experience and earn a paycheck:
  • Working part-time
  • Job opportunities during summer or winter vacations
  • Work experience (praktika)
  • Taking part in volunteer work
  • Internships and traineeships

In Germany, do I need a student work permit?

In Germany, you do not need a work permit if you come from an EU/EEA country. 

There is no limit to how much you can work, but if you work more than 20 hours/week, you must pay taxes to the German social security system.

Germany's most common high-paying student jobs

Germany's most common high-paying student jobs

University Research Assistantis about €925 monthly.

Research experts are frequently welcome to apply for teaching or graduate research assistant positions at universities because of the good compensation. 

These positions include helping the professor grade copies, conducting tutorials, preparing research materials, acting as supervisors, serving as librarians, etc. 

These are at the top of the list in terms of the available job types.

Being a research assistant at a university has several benefits, including helping you with your studies and allowing you to get to know the people and the surroundings.

Waiters/ Support Personnel At CafĂ©'s 

Average Pay: €8.55/hr

The most well-known jobs among students are frequently those involving waiting or catering. Many students choose to do this for reasons other than money; for example, even though the income may occasionally be meager, the opportunity to explore the city, mingle with locals, and simply unwind after a long day at school is invaluable. Not to mention, the advice is excellent.


Payscale: €5–10 per hour

This position might be ideal for you if you enjoy dealing with kids and have some experience doing so. A babysitting job pays well, and you can eventually renegotiate your fees.

This position might be ideal for you if you enjoy dealing with kids and have some experience doing so. A babysitting job pays well, and you can eventually renegotiate your fees.

Literature Tutor

Average Hourly Pay: $28

If you have a decent level of English or any other language, you can easily acquire a work as a tutor at a school, or even within some of the local companies. 

International students have the ability to work in this lucrative field; for instance, instructing English to German students sometimes comes with a respectable salary. 

There is always the option for pupils to enroll in private lessons, which typically have a reasonable pay range. You need to be proficient in the language you

Assistant In Retail Store Shopping

Average annual pay: €27,000

One of the best High-Paying Jobs in Germany for Students. A retail store shopping assistant must be knowledgeable, provide customers with information, and help them choose the best product. You'll need to be able to communicate well. The brick and mortar retail industry in Germany frequently has a staffing shortage and offers flexible hours and discounts as desirable benefits.

Office Assistant

Average Hourly Pay: €11.93

Answering the phone, providing information to customers or business partners, and performing other administrative activities would be your key responsibilities.


Payscale: N/A

You should check into this as well because the food and drink industry employs many students, whether it means serving meals at corporate events or simply joining the waiting staff at a neighborhood restaurant.

Assistants In Industrial Production

Average Hourly Pay: €11.75

These are well-paying positions that are a fantastic choice for students seeking work experience and a more applicable career path after graduation. 

Finding these employment could be the first step toward a career in Germany because Germany grants you a 1-year post-study work permit. These occupations can be discovered by students in their local media.

Call Center Agent

Monthly Salary: €1,663

You'll have to agree with me that this is one of the highest-paying positions available to students in Germany. In essence, your duties will consist of taking calls, analyzing customer requests or complaints, and managing them. You need to be patient, diplomatic, and socially adept. Additionally, you must have excellent German skills. In most cases, you can set your own schedule.

General Interviewer

Annual Salary: €26.478

Data gatherers are frequently needed by some businesses or organizations so that surveys regarding customers' opinions of certain goods or services can be conducted.

Delivery To Home

Average Hourly Pay: €15

You will be required to transport goods to customers' homes while working for an online retailer or restaurant. Even though the profession pays well, you will frequently also get extra tips.

Tax on Work-Study Income for Students

German working and Studying

A tax identification number is required if your yearly income from employment exceeds €450 euros in order to file taxes. But you will want a tax ID if your hourly wage consistently exceeds €450.

Your salary will be automatically withheld, but at the end of the year, you will receive a refund for the taxes you have already paid. These taxes do not apply to you if you work fewer than 20 hours each week. awesome, no? So do I, too.

International students are permitted to work up to 120 full days or 240 half days per year. Only if you are employed by the university as a student assistant would this not apply. There is no time constraint on work in this situation. Also check: Apply for $10,000 High School and College Students College Scholarship

Student Requirements

European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland have virtually the same rights as students from Germany and have unlimited access to the German job market. 

However, they must make specific insurance contributions if they work more than 20 hours each week (just like German students). Other country students are subject to specific legal requirements: See our article on Germany Study Destination: Free Tuition Study as well.

International students from other nations who wish to study and work in Germany are permitted to work 120 full or 240 partial days annually.

Students who want to work more must obtain approval from both the foreigners' office and the Federal Employment Agency. Depending on the circumstance, they may or may not receive approval.

You can typically only work if you have approval from the Federal Employment Agency and the Foreigners' Office, and then only during the break time if you are taking a language course or attending a preparatory college.

German laws governing student part-time employment.

Another issue is taxes. A student who makes less than 450 euros per month is exempt from paying taxes or social security. You are also exempt if you work for less than 50 consecutive days in a calendar year.

It's generally not recommended to work more than 20 hours per week. Working more than this would compel you to pay for health insurance, unemployment benefits, and nursing care in addition to breaking the majority of university restrictions.

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The observance of federal legislation is crucial. You risk being kicked out of the country if it is determined that you are disobeying them.

Maintain the checks, follow the regulations, and have your permission ready.

However, the working hours and pay are different when it comes to employment within the institution. 

They are actually far better, and you can work long hours as well. 

However, finding employment at a university might not be so simple. Although it would be difficult, you might get lucky and acquire a job at the institution sooner than you expected.

I assume you are prepared to work and study in Germany.

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