Jobs for New Graduates in Mechanical Technician at Chevron 2022

Jobs at Chevron as a Mechanical Technician for Recent Graduates 2022:
Jobs for New Graduates in Mechanical Technician at Chevron 2022
Chevron Jobs for New Graduates in Mechanical Technician 2022

Chevron is accepting online applications from enthusiastic young graduates interested in working as mechanical technicians in Warri, Nigeria's Delta State, and Jurong Island, Singapore.

Young people and recent graduates who want to begin a fulfilling career at Chevron can take advantage of this opportunity.

Organization/Company: Chevron

  • Program locations: Jurong Island, Singapore and Warri, Delta State, Nigeria
  • Permanent Duration of the Program
  • Several slots are open.
  • Basic Requirements: Diploma, NITEC, and "O" Levels
  • Nationality: Every Nation

Jobs for New Graduates in Mechanical Technician 2022

Among the duties associated with this role include, but not restricted to:


  • Performs upkeep, repairs, alignment, and testing on rotating machinery and parts, such as mechanical seals, couplings, pumps, chillers, compressors, and centrifuges.
  • maintains and services pressure relief equipment, including pressure safety valves, breather valves, emergency hatches, etc.
  • oversees the upkeep, cleanup, repair, and handover of permanent equipment, including painting, insulation, heat exchangers, fin fans, pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipes, and so on.
  • reads and comprehends instructions such as P & ID, datasheets, crane lifting plans, and drawings for equipment.
  • Determine the supplies, equipment, labor, and techniques needed to execute the maintenance task.
  • For each task assigned, create a job safety risk assessment. Make sure safe work practices are adhered to. Make sure safety precautions are taken, such as obtaining a valid permit and wearing the required Personal Protection Equipment.
  • Contact operations to coordinate system handover. Coordinate with other departments, such as the warehouse and equipment suppliers, to finish the urgent break-in work.
  • Write post-maintenance reports and inform the pertinent task groups of your findings. adheres to and completes the maintenance QAI checklist.


Assist operations and equipment providers in troubleshooting equipment. able to use and read operating and repair manuals from manufacturers.

Jobs at Chevron Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for Chevron Mechanical Technician Jobs for Young Graduates, applicants must fulfill the requirements listed below:
  • A NITEC/Higher NITEC/Diploma in mechanical engineering or a comparable engineering discipline is required of applicants.
  • at least 2 years of preferably more relevant professional experience
  • preferably with experience in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries
  • Candidates must have excellent communication abilities both in writing and speaking.
  • Applications from recent graduates are accepted.

Preferable credentials include:

  • capable of using a fixed hoist and drilling
  • able to join PVC tubing and piping by threading fittings into them for assembly.
  • being able to conduct a hydro-test on either spinning or fixed equipment during an integrity or leak test
  • Utilize computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). Enter information into the CMMS, such as equipment history, time confirmation, and history of work notice. After maintenance, give input for ongoing improvement

How To Apply for Jobs at Chevron for  Mechanical Technician Graduates 2022

How to Apply: Interested and qualified candidates for Chevron Mechanical Technician Jobs for Young Graduates are invited to submit an online application.

Please read the Data Privacy Notice before submitting your application to all interested parties.

July 19, 2022 is the application deadline.

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