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Neco 2022 Physics questions*

No1. You're furnished with a uniform metre rule, a knife part, a few masses and other essential  materials.

(i) decide and document the centre of gravity of the metre rule

(ii) restoration the 100g mass marked N at a point Y, the 80cm mark of the guideline  the use of a sellotape.

(iii) suspend some other 50g mass marked M, at X a distance A = 10cm from the 0cm mark of the guideline.

(iv) balance the arrangement horizontally at the Knife side as illustrated inside the diagram above

(v) degree and document the space B of the knife part from the 0cm mark of the rule of thumb.

(vi) Repeat the procedure for four other values of A = 15cm, 20cm, 25cm and 30cm.

(vii) Tabulate your readings.

(vii) Plot a graph with B on the vertical axis and A on the horizontal axis.

(ix) determine the slope, S, of the graph.

(x) additionally decide the intercept, C, at the vertical axis.

(xi) evaluate:

Alpha k1 = (1-2s)/2 * 100

Beta k2 = 2c/s - a hundred and sixty

(xii) kingdom two precautions taken to gain correct results.

(b) (i) define second of a pressure approximately a point.

(ii) state two condition below which a inflexible frame at relaxation remains in equilibrium while acted upon by way of non-parallel coplanar forces.


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