WAEC Animal Husbandry Obj & Theory/Essay 2024 Questions and Answers

WAEC 2024/2025 Animal Husbandry Obj & Theory/Essay Questions & Answers is out

WAEC 2022/2023 Animal Husbandry Obj & Theory/Essay Questions & Answers is out
2024 WAEC Animal Husbandry Objectives (OBJ) and ESSAY (Theory) Questions and Answers for School Candidates Free of Charge | 100% Legit  2024 WAEC Animal Husbandry OBJ and ESSAY Questions and Answers, WAEC May/June Free Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers EXPO Room .




(i)Cattle primarily eat plants, while poultry eat both plants and insects.
(ii)Cattle have a complex stomach with four compartments, whereas poultry have a simpler, single-compartment stomach.
(iii)Cattle use microbial fermentation in their stomach to digest tough plant material, while poultry rely more on mechanical digestion and enzyme breakdown.
(iv)Cattle have a special stomach chamber where microbes help break down tough plant fibers, but poultry lack this chamber.
Methods of Parasite Control
(i)Proper pasture management.
(ii)Regular deworming.
(iii)Rotational grazing.
(iv)Maintaining good hygiene.
(v)Feeding balanced diets.
(vi)Selecting resistant breeds.
Methods of Improving Local Breeds
(i)Selective Breeding Programs.
(iii)Genetic Selection Using Molecular Techniques.
(iv)Improved Nutrition and Management Practices.
(v)Community-Based Breeding Programs.
Advantages of Creep Feeding
(i)Allows young animals to access additional nutrients beyond their mother's milk.
(ii)Reduces competition for food among different age groups or sizes of animals.
(iii)Facilitates early weaning by providing supplemental nutrition to young animals.
Advantages of Dehorning
(i)Reduces the risk of injuries to both other animals and handlers.
(ii)Enhances handling and safety during routine management practices.
(iii)Reduces the likelihood of equipment or other facility damage.
Importance of Housing
(i)Protection from adverse weather conditions.
(ii)Prevention of predation.
(iii)Reduction of stress.
(iv)Control of disease transmission.
(v)Facilitation of efficient management practices.
(vi)Optimization of growth rates and production.
Advantages of Grouping Animals by Age
(i)Prevention of aggressive behavior and competition for resources.
(ii)Reduction of the risk of injury to younger or smaller animals.
(iii)Facilitation of age-specific feeding and nutritional requirements.
(iv)Control of disease transmission between age groups.
Pre-Brooding Management Practices
(i)Cleaning and disinfection of the brooder house.
(ii)Installation and testing of heating equipment.
(iii)Placement of clean and dry bedding material.
(iv)Provision of clean feeders and drinkers.
(v)Adjustment of lighting to simulate natural day-night cycles.
Animal Products
(i)Pelt - Chicken
(ii)Bristle - Pig
(iii)Mohair - Goat
(iv)Veal - Calf
(v)Lard - Pig
(i)Breed - a specific group of animals with common characteristics.
(ii)Genotype - the genetic makeup of an individual animal.
(iii)Hybrid - an individual resulting from crossbreeding different breeds or species.
Disadvantages of Inbreeding
(i)Loss of Genetic Diversity.
(ii)Increased Expression of Undesirable Traits.
(iii)Decreased Fitness and Vigor.
(iv)Inbreeding Depression.
Feed Sources
(i)Plant Protein Sources - Soybean meal, Cottonseed meal.
(ii)Animal Protein Sources - Fish meal, Meat meal.
(iii)Fiber Sources - Alfalfa hay, Timothy hay.
Limitations of Artificial Insemination
(i)Limited Access to Technology.
(ii)High Cost of Implementation.
(iii)Limited Extension Services.
(iv)Cultural and Religious Beliefs.
Factors Affecting Nutrient Requirements
(i)Physiological status.
(iii)Nutrient composition of feedstuff.
Meat Processing Steps
(i)Process of slaughtering.
(ii)Undergoes dressing.
(iii)Cutting and Boning.
(iv)Transforming raw meat into value-added products.
(v)Packaging using appropriate materials.
(i)Selection - choosing animals with desirable traits for breeding.
(ii)Pasture - an area of land covered with grasses or other forage crops for grazing.
(iii)Artificial Insemination - a reproductive technology for breeding livestock.
Products from Animal Agriculture

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