Free 2024 WAEC Computer Studies (Essay/Obj) Questions and Answers

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Waec 2020/2021 computer science Obj and Theory/Essay questions and answers

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Wednesday, 8th May, 2023

Computer Studies 2 (Essay) – 9:30am – 10:30am

Computer Studies 1 (Objective) – 10:30am – 11:30am.

2024 WAEC Computer Studies (ESSAY) Answers:



(i) Sign in: Sign in is the process of logging into a system or service using a username and password or other credentials to access personalized content or features. By signing in, users can access their accounts, settings, preferences, and other information that is specific to them.

(ii) Search engine: A search engine is a web-based tool or software program that allows users to search for information on the internet. Users can enter keywords or queries into the search engine, which then retrieves relevant results from its index of websites and web pages.



(i) Figure 1: Random File Access Method

(ii) Figure 2: Sequential File Access Method



(i) FIGURE 1:



(i) Fast access to any record

(ii) Direct access to data

(iii) Efficient for reading and writing large amounts of data

(iv) Suitable for large databases

(v) Support for random access and sequential access operations




(i) Inefficient for large data sets

(ii) Prone to data corruption

(iii) Limited portability between systems

(iv) Difficulty in managing complex data structures

(v) Limited built-in search capabilities


(ii) FIGURE 2



(i) Simple to implement

(ii) Cost-effective

(iii) Suitable for large amounts of data

(iv) Easy to maintain

(v) Can be read sequentially




(i) Slow access speed

(ii) Inefficient for frequent random access

(iii) Limited concurrent access

(iv) Difficulty in updating and inserting data

(v) Susceptible to data corruption

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2024 WAEC Computer Studies  (OBJ) Answers:

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2024 Waec Computer Studies  Questions 



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2023 Waec Computer Studies Essay (Theory) Answers:


– Exposure to inappropriate content.

– Excessive screen time.


– Parental controls.

– Content filtering software, which limit access to age-appropriate content and set time restrictions.


User control access is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of children, as it allows parents to actively monitor and regulate their online activities.



Laptop Y

Laptop Y

(i) Long battery life
(ii) Wireless Capabilities
(iii) Availability of WebCam
(iv) It has less weight

(i) Long battery life: Because he is traveling a long trip, he needs laptop that has more lasting battery for the trip to be able to deliver
(ii) Wireless Capabilities: He will be needing wireless communication to be able to connect to any available internet In the case his wired connection don’t deliver better communication
(iii) Webcam availabilty: Since he will be doing live communication with editors, the Webcam will be needed for web presence and ability to stream live video to the editors
(iv) Less weight: This makes it easier for the journalist to carry while carrying out his assignment


(i) Open the document in Microsoft Word.
(ii) Select the portion of text that contains the confidential information.
(iii) Right-click on the selected text and choose “Font” from the context menu.
(iv) In the Font dialog box, check the “Hidden” option.
(v) Click on the “OK” button to apply the changes.
(vi) Save the document.

(i) Open the previously saved document in Microsoft Word.
(ii) Click on the “File” tab at the top-left corner of the screen.
(iii) From the File menu, select “Options.”
(iv) In the Word Options dialog box, choose the “Display” category.
(v) Under the “Always show these formatting marks on the screen” section, check the “Hidden text” option.
(vi) Click on the “OK” button to apply the changes.
(vii) The hidden text will now be displayed in the document for viewing.



(i) The children will be exposed to inappropriate content such as violence, pornography, and hate speech.


(ii) The children can be exposed to cyberbullying from peers or strangers, which can lead to psychological trauma and a negative impact on their mental health.


(iii) The might be addicted to online games, social media, and other internet content can lead to addiction and social isolation as individuals spend more time online.




-By setting up parental controls on the devices that children use to limit their access to inappropriate content, prevent cyberbullying.

-By managing the children’s screen time. 




-It gives privacy over the files on the system

-User control access can also improve productivity by allowing employees to access only the resources and information they need to perform their jobs.

-User control access allows organizations to control who has access to sensitive information and resources.



(i) E

(ii) C

(iii) B

(iv) A

(v) D


Reason for (Pick ) is to make sure everyone don’t write exactly same..

2023 WAEC computer Studies Essay theory  Question 

2023 WAEC Computer Studies (Obj/Essay) Questions and Answers

2023 WAEC Computer Studies (Obj/Essay) Questions and Answers

2023 WAEC Computer Studies (Obj/Essay) Questions and Answers

2023 WAEC Computer Studies (Obj/Essay) Questions and Answers

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WAEC Computer Studies Obj & Essay Questions and Answers for 2023/2024

WAEC Computer Studies (Obj & Essay) Questions and Answers 

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WAEC: What is Computer Science?

Computer science is the observe of computation and records.

Computer science offers with concept of computation, algorithms, computational problems and the design of laptop systems hardware, software and programs.

Computer science addresses both human-made and herbal facts strategies, inclusive of conversation, manage, belief, learning and intelligence in particular in human-made computing systems and machines.

In keeping with Peter Denning, the fundamental query underlying pc technology is, What can be automatic?

Its fields may be divided into theoretical and realistic disciplines. Computational complexity principle is fairly abstract, even as laptop graphics and computational geometry emphasizes real-world programs. Algorithmics is referred to as the heart of computer science
 Programming language idea considers procedures to the description of computational tactics, whilst software program engineering includes the use of programming languages and complex systems. Computer structure and laptop engineering deals with production of pc additives and laptop-managed equipment.

Human–computer interaction considers the demanding situations in making computers useful, usable, and handy. Synthetic intelligence pursuits to synthesize aim-oriented strategies such as trouble-solving, selection-making, environmental model, movement planning, getting to know, and communication found in human beings and animals.

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