Complete 2024 WAEC Arabic (OBJ /Essay-oral) Questions and Answers

 The Expo Room provides school candidates with the complete May/June 2024 WAEC Arabic [OBJ & Essay-Oral] Questions and Answers. It offers valuable insight into the Arabic (OBJ & Essay) questions and answers, sourced from the WAEC May/June 2024 WAEC Arabic OBJ-Essay-Oral) exams. This resource is designed to help students better understand the types of questions they may encounter and prepare accordingly.

The 2024 WAEC Arabic Questions and answers Texts list includes a selection of books highly recommended as study guides for students preparing to take their final examinations in senior secondary schools nationwide. These books are specifically chosen to help students prepare effectively for the exam.

Complete 2024 WAEC Arabic [OBJ & Essay-Oral] Questions and Answers.

Complete 2024 WAEC Arabic Questions and Answers

2024 WAEC Arabic Objectives (OBJ) Answers

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2024 WAEC Arabic (ESSAY) THEORY Answers

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2024 WAEC Arabic Oral  Answers

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See WAEC Arabic Paper 2, Part I, May/June 2013 questions and answers below

Part I:

Question 1: Write an interesting story ending with "whoever shows mercy will receive mercy".

In a bustling city where the sun always seemed to shine a little brighter, there lived a humble shoemaker named Ali. Despite his modest means, Ali had a heart as generous as the open sky. Every day, he would sit in his small shop, diligently crafting shoes for the locals, and his warm smile greeted every customer who walked through his door.

One scorching afternoon, as Ali was busy stitching a pair of sandals, a weary traveler stumbled into his shop. The traveler, named Ahmed, was parched and famished, having journeyed for days without rest. Without hesitation, Ali offered him a seat and a refreshing glass of water. As Ahmed quenched his thirst, he shared tales of his adventures and the hardships he faced along the way.

Moved by Ahmed's plight, Ali insisted he stay the night, offering him a comfortable spot to rest and a hearty meal to replenish his strength. Grateful beyond words, Ahmed accepted Ali's kindness and spent the night under his roof.

As dawn broke, Ahmed bid farewell to Ali, his heart overflowing with gratitude. Little did Ali know, his act of kindness would soon be repaid in a way he never imagined.

Months passed, and one fateful day, a fire engulfed Ali's humble abode, reducing everything he owned to ashes. Devastated and with nowhere to turn, Ali stood amidst the rubble, tears streaming down his cheeks. But just as despair threatened to consume him, a familiar face appeared in the crowd.

It was Ahmed, the traveler he had once welcomed into his home. Without a moment's hesitation, Ahmed rallied the community to Ali's aid, collecting donations and offering support in any way they could. Together, they rebuilt Ali's shop, stronger and more resilient than before.

In the midst of the chaos, Ali turned to Ahmed, his eyes filled with gratitude. "Why did you do all this for me?" he asked, bewildered by Ahmed's unwavering kindness.

Ahmed simply smiled and replied, "Because you showed me mercy when I needed it most. And as they say, whoever shows mercy will receive mercy."

With those words ringing in his ears, Ali realized the true power of compassion and the boundless impact of a single act of kindness. From that day forth, he vowed to pay it forward, knowing that in a world filled with uncertainty, a heart full of mercy would always find its way home.

Part 2: 

Question 1: Write on the relationship between Shākir and Shākirah and the stance of the college principal to this, according to the play titled "The Honourable Principal".

In the play "The Honourable Principal", the relationship between Shākir and Shākirah is a central theme that explores the complexities of love, tradition, and societal expectations. Shākir, a young and ambitious student, finds himself drawn to Shākirah, a fellow student known for her intelligence and grace.

Their relationship blossoms amidst the halls of their college, fueled by mutual respect and admiration. Shākir sees in Shākirah a kindred spirit, someone who challenges him to be his best self and supports his dreams and aspirations. Likewise, Shākirah finds solace in Shākir's companionship, finding in him a confidant and ally in the face of adversity.

However, their love is not without obstacles. The conservative stance of the college principal poses a significant challenge to their relationship. The principal, bound by tradition and societal norms, views their budding romance with skepticism and disapproval. He believes that love should not interfere with academic pursuits and fears the potential consequences of allowing such relationships to flourish within the college.

Despite the principal's opposition, Shākir and Shākirah's love perseveres, fueled by their unwavering commitment to each other. They navigate the hurdles placed before them with courage and determination, refusing to let societal expectations dictate the course of their lives.

In the end, "The Honourable Principal" serves as a poignant commentary on the power of love to transcend boundaries and defy convention. It challenges the notion that love should conform to societal norms and celebrates the courage of individuals who dare to love fearlessly, despite the odds stacked against them.

Preparation Tips for WAEC 2024 Arabic Objective & Essay-Oral Exam

Understand the Exam Format:

  • Familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam, including the number of questions and time allocation for each section.

Study the Syllabus:

  • Review the exam syllabus to identify the topics and content areas you need to focus on. Allocate your study time accordingly to cover all the necessary material.

Practice Past Questions:

  • Solve past exam papers to become familiar with the types of questions that may appear and to improve your time management skills during the exam.

Improve Vocabulary:

  • Enhance your Arabic vocabulary by regularly reading Arabic texts, newspapers, and practicing word lists. This will help you understand and answer questions more effectively.

Enhance Grammar Skills:

  • Work on grammar exercises and practice constructing grammatically correct sentences to improve your written and spoken Arabic. Focus on areas where you may need more practice.

Develop Essay Writing Skills:

  • Learn how to structure essays effectively, practice organizing your ideas, and use appropriate Arabic expressions. This will help you write coherent and well-structured essays during the exam.

Seek Guidance:

  • Consult your Arabic teacher or tutor for guidance, clarification, and feedback on your progress. They can provide valuable insights and tips for improvement based on your individual needs.

Time Management:

  • Create a study schedule and allocate specific time slots for each topic. Prioritize areas where you need more practice or improvement, and ensure you allocate enough time for revision.

Stay Consistent:

  • Regularly revise and practice Arabic language skills to maintain proficiency and build confidence. Consistency is key to retaining information and mastering the material.

Stay Calm and Confident:

  • On the exam day, maintain a positive mindset, stay calm, and trust in your preparation. Take breaks during the exam to refresh your mind and stay focused.

Remember, thorough preparation and consistent practice are essential for success in the WAEC 2024 Arabic Objective & Essay-Oral Exam. Good luck with your studies

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