Apply for UOS Graduate Scholarship Program in Canada 2024/2025: Application Form

UOS Graduate Scholarship Application Form 2024 is Out. Apply for UOS Grad Scholarship Program.
The University of Saskatchewan (UOS) is currently accepting applications for the Graduate Scholarship Program.

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 About the UOS Graduate Scholarship – History

The UOS Graduate Scholarship has a long history at the University of Saskatchewan. It's a special program that helps really good graduate students with their studies by giving them money. This money covers their school fees and also gives them some extra for living expenses.

Both local and international students can apply for this scholarship, and it's popular worldwide. It's for different kinds of graduate programs like Master's, Specialized Graduate Diploma, and Doctorate programs.

People get chosen for this scholarship based on how well they did in school, their potential for research, and how well they fit with their chosen program. Getting selected is not easy – they pick only the best and most promising students.

If you get this scholarship, it's not just about the money. You also get to be part of a great academic community and use top-notch research facilities. You get to work closely with famous professors and researchers in your field.

This scholarship is an awesome chance for students to explore what they're interested in, learn more, and make a big impact in their field. It's perfect for students who want to do well in their studies and future careers.

In short, the UOS Grad Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for smart graduate students to get full support and follow their academic dreams at the University of Saskatchewan. It's a starting point for a successful and fulfilling academic journey.

Eligibility Requirements for UOS Graduate Scholarship: 

Before applying, ensure you meet the following requirements set by the university:

  • Must be a graduate student
  • Fulfill any specific academic criteria specified by the university
  • Meet any additional criteria outlined in the scholarship guidelines

Scholarship Coverage: 

If selected, the scholarship will cover all your costs associated with your graduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan.

How to Apply for UOS Graduate Scholarship Application Form 2024 Guidelines

To apply for the UOS Graduate Scholarship, follow these steps:

  1. Review the eligibility requirements to ensure you qualify.
  2. Complete the online application form provided by the university.
  3. Submit any required documents or supplementary materials as instructed.
  4. Follow all instructions provided by the university throughout the application process.
  5. Await notification from the university regarding the status of your application.

Important Note: 

The selection process is based on certain criteria determined by the university. Be sure to carefully follow all instructions provided to increase your chances of being selected for the scholarship.

Apply Now: 

Visit the official University of Saskatchewan website to access the Graduate Scholarship Application Form and begin your application process.

Types of SaskPolytech scholarship program

SaskPolytech has different types of scholarships to help students reach their academic goals. Here's a simple breakdown:

1. Entrance Scholarships: If you're starting your first year at SaskPolytech and did great in your previous studies, you could get this scholarship.

2. Continuing Education Scholarships: If you're coming back to finish a diploma or certificate, and you did well before, these scholarships consider academic achievement, financial need, and community involvement.

3. Indigenous Scholarships: For Indigenous learners in full-time programs, these scholarships aim to support your educational goals and celebrate Indigenous culture.

4. Trades and Technology Scholarships: If you're into trades or technology, and you're doing well academically with some financial need, this scholarship is for you.

5. Women in Trades and Technology Scholarships: Ladies aiming for a career in trades or technology, these scholarships encourage and support you based on academic achievement and financial need.

6. Regional Scholarships: If you're from specific areas in Saskatchewan, these scholarships want to help and inspire you to pursue education at SaskPolytech.

7. International Student Scholarships: If you're studying at SaskPolytech on a student visa, these scholarships aim to support your educational goals and embrace diversity.

8. Industry Scholarships: If you're pursuing a career in a specific industry, these scholarships, funded by industry partners, are here to support your educational and career goals.

9. External Scholarships: These come from outside organizations or companies. If you meet their criteria, you could get extra support.

Each scholarship has its own focus and criteria, so check which one fits you best and go for it!

How To apply for fully Funded UOS Grad Scholarship in Canada 2024

To apply for SaskPolytech scholarships on their official website, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the SaskPolytech website:

  2. Find the "Financial Assistance" section:

    • Look for the "Financial Assistance" link on the main menu of the website.
  3. Choose "Scholarships":

    • Click on "Scholarships" from the options that appear when you hover over or click on "Financial Assistance."
  4. Check out the available scholarships:

    • Look through the list of scholarships to see which ones you can apply for based on your eligibility.
  5. Pick a scholarship program:

    • Click on the scholarship program you want to apply for. Read about what you need to be eligible, what documents you need, and when the deadline is.
  6. Complete the application form:

    • Fill out the application form with all the info they ask for. Make sure to include any documents they need.
  7. Submit your application:

    • Send in your application before the deadline they mention in the scholarship details.
  8. Keep an eye on your email or mail:

    • After applying, check your email or mailbox to see if you get any messages about the scholarship decision.

Note: Follow all the rules and give them everything they ask for. If you miss something or apply late, they might not consider your application for a scholarship. Good luck!

Selection Application Process:

To pick who gets SaskPolytech scholarships, they follow a process that can change for each scholarship. Here's a simple breakdown:

  1. Check if Applications Fit:

    • First, they look at all the applications to make sure they follow the rules and have what's needed.
  2. Use Specific Criteria:

    • If your application is good to go, they then use specific things to judge it. This can include how well you do in school, if you need money, and how much you're involved in your community.
  3. Decide Who Gets Awards:

    • After looking at everything, they figure out who gets the scholarships. This depends on the rules and how much money is available.
  4. Tell Winners:

    • If you win, they'll let you know by email or mail. Sometimes, they might need more info from you to make it official.

Notification and Acceptance of SaskPolytech Scholarships

Getting news about your SaskPolytech scholarship can happen in different ways. Here's what might happen and what to do:

  1. How You Find Out:

    • You'll get a message telling you about the scholarship. This can come through email or regular mail.
  2. Read the Letter:

    • When you get the message, read it carefully. It will explain everything about the scholarship, like what you need to do to keep it.
  3. Ask Questions if Needed:

    • If anything is unclear, ask the people giving the scholarship. They'll help you understand.
  4. Give More Info if Asked:

    • Sometimes, they might need more info from you. If that's the case, provide what they ask for.
  5. Accept the Scholarship:

    • Follow the instructions in the message to officially say "yes" to the scholarship. This might involve doing something online or sending back a form.
  6. Say Thanks:

    • Lastly, be sure to thank the folks who gave you the scholarship. It's a nice way to show you appreciate it.

Keeping Your SaskPolytech Scholarship

When you get a SaskPolytech scholarship, you usually have to do a few things to keep it going. Here's what you might need to do:

1. Stay in School Full-Time:

  • You need to be a full-time student at SaskPolytech to keep the scholarship.

2. Keep Your Grades Up:

  • You'll likely need to have a good average in your classes. This is called a GPA.

3. Show If You Still Need Financial Help:

  • If your scholarship is based on needing money, you might need to show you still need help.

4. Do Community Service (If Needed):

  • Some scholarships might ask you to do community service. If that's the case, make sure you complete it.

What Happens If You Don't Meet the Rules?

If you don't do what's required, your scholarship might be stopped. It's important to understand what you need to do to keep the scholarship. If you're unsure, ask the people who gave you the scholarship. They can help you understand and answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about SaskPolytech Scholarships

Q: How do I know if I am eligible for a SaskPolytech scholarship?

A: Eligibility criteria vary depending on the scholarship program. Review the eligibility criteria for each scholarship program you are interested in to determine if you meet the requirements.

Q: How do I apply for a SaskPolytech scholarship?

A: To apply for a SaskPolytech scholarship, visit the SaskPolytech website and review the scholarship programs available. Determine which scholarships you are eligible for and follow the application instructions provided for each scholarship program.

Q: When is the deadline to apply for SaskPolytech scholarships?

A: Deadlines vary depending on the scholarship program. Review the deadline for each scholarship program you are interested in to ensure you submit your application on time.

Q: How are scholarship recipients selected?

A: Scholarship recipients are selected based on specific selection criteria, which may include academic achievement, financial need, community involvement, and other factors specific to the scholarship program.

Q: What is the award amount for SaskPolytech scholarships?

A: The award amount for SaskPolytech scholarships varies depending on the scholarship program.

Q: How will I know if I am awarded a scholarship?

A: Scholarship recipients will be notified of their award via email or mail.

Q: What are the requirements for maintaining a SaskPolytech scholarship?

A: Requirements for maintaining a SaskPolytech scholarship will vary depending on the scholarship program. In general, students may be required to maintain full-time enrollment, maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA), demonstrate continued financial need, or complete community service or other requirements.


In conclusion, SaskPolytech offers various scholarship opportunities for students who are enrolled in their programs. These scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, financial need, and other selection criteria specific to each scholarship program. Eligibility criteria, application instructions, and deadline dates vary depending on the scholarship program. Students who are awarded a scholarship must maintain certain eligibility criteria to continue receiving the scholarship award. If you have any questions about SaskPolytech scholarships, it is recommended to visit their official website or contact the scholarship provider for clarification.

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