NECO GCE Data Processing (OBJ & Essay) 2022 Answers - Complete Solutions

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In this article, I'll give you Free Expo in 2022 Questions and Answers for the NECO June/July Data Processing (DATA) OBJ & Essay, Free of Charge Unrestricted questions and answers about data processing (objectives and theory) Room Expo

2022 NECO JUNE/JULY NO COST DATA PROCESSING Question and Answer Session for Essay and Objects, Data, December 10, 2022

analyzing data (Objective & Essay)

10:00am – 1:00pm

NECO GCE Data Processing (OBJ & Essay) 2022 Answers - Complete Solutions



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(2ai)\s(Pick Any Two) 

First, public switching telephone network (PSTN)

Satellite Telephone System (iii) Global System for Mobile Communication (iii) Fixed Wireless Telephone System (iv)

EXPLANATION:\s (Pick Any one)

Satellite Telephone System I Telephone through satellite: Fixed, mobile, and portable communications are offered to users by satellite telephone systems. For handheld, portable, fixed, mobile, or maritime use, satellite telephone systems are offered. The portable gadgets have a larger antenna than a typical cell phone. The portable systems typically have more features than the handheld devices and are designed to fit inside a suit case.

(ii)Fixed Wireless Telephone System: Fixed wireless telephone systems are made to provide service in remote or underdeveloped areas, where mobile, battery-operated handsets frequently perform badly. Fixed wireless phones resemble conventional landlines and are powered by standard AC outlets. However, they communicate using current cellular networks (wireless). The phones are primarily made for developing nations, but they are also perfect for offices, resorts, and other remote or price-sensitive locales.

(2aii)\s(Pick Any Four)

Coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, twisted-pair cable, stripline, and microstripline are just a few examples of cables.


The term "word processing" refers to the act of creating, editing, and printing documents on a computer. Input, production, editing, and generation of a document using a computer are also included. You can enter text by typing into a word processing program and edit it.

(2bii)\s(Pick Any Two) 

Microsoft Word I Word Perfect (ii), Word Star (iii), and Word Craft (iv).


I Select Save or Save As when in Microsoft Office.

(ii) On the keyboard, press CTRL + s.

Data Processing Questions and Answers for the 2022 NECO Exam]

NECO GCE Data Processing (OBJ & Essay) 2022 Answers - Complete Solutions

(4ai) Graphic packages are software applications that let designers and computer users create, modify, display, and print graphic pictures on computers. On a computer, a graphics package is a program that can be used to create and edit images. CAD, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, and Paint are among examples (computer aided design).

(4aii)\s(Pick Any Two) 

Software for painting, drawing, photo-editing, and computer-aided design are among the options (CAD)

(4aiii)\s(Pick any Two) 

(i) Producing 'freehand' and parallel lines

(ii)Using a specific tool, draw predefined, standard shapes like squares, rectangles, and circles.

(iii) Putting text into a document and adjusting the font's size and style.

Scaling or modifying an object's size

First normal form, or 1NF, refers to a single table in a relational database system and establishes the basic guidelines for database normalization (4bi). First Normal Form follows some guidelines, such as removing redundant information and separating tables for similar data. You must establish two tables, one for students and one for courses, in order to convert a database of students and courses to its initial normal form.

Second normal form, or 2NF, is the next stage of normalizing a database (4bii). 2NF expands on the first normal form (1NF). In order to reduce the amount of redundant data in a database, 2NF extracts the data, moves it to other tables, and establishes connections between those new tables. This duplicate data, such as ZIP codes, cities, and states, can be separated from a database structure that complies with 2NF standards and kept in a separate table.


In order to decrease data duplication, prevent data anomalies, preserve referential integrity, and streamline data management, the third normal form (3NF) is a database schema design strategy for relational databases.

The non-key qualities should be independent, according to the third normal form rule. When a transitive dependency between non-key attributes exists, this normal form is violated.

(5ai)\s(Pick Any Four)

The operating systems that are I single user operating systems (ii) multi tasking operating systems (iii) multi user operating systems (iv) distributed  batch processing operating systems (vi) real time operating systems

(5aii)\s(Pick Any Two) 

First-come, first-served (FCFS): First-come, first-served (FCFS) handles jobs in the order that they are received. Due to the possibility of a lengthy work running while other processes must wait for it to finish, this policy is not really fair. The end user can see this as a system lock-up or freeze.

(ii) Shortest job next (SJN) scheduling, often referred to as shortest job first (SJF) or least process next (SPN), is a method of scheduling that chooses the waiting process with the shortest execution time for execution. The SJN algorithm is non-preemptive. A preemptive variation of SJN is the shortest time left.

One of the most popular scheduling methods used in batch systems is priority scheduling, a non-preemptive technique. Priority can be set according to memory needs, time needs, or any other resource needs.


By utilizing language and symbols to represent the data and its flow, data modeling is the process of constructing a streamlined representation of a software system and the data pieces it includes. A data model serves as a blueprint for creating a new database or redesigning an old application.

The conceptual data model (5bii), the corporate data model (ii), the logical data model (iii), and the physical data model

(6ai)\s(Pick Any Four) 

a fax machine, a landline or cell phone, a television, a radio, or the internet (vi) Telegraph

(6aii)\s(Pick Any Two) 

I The most widely used form of communication is the telephone and mobile phones. They are not only quick, but they may quickly connect locations that are far apart. Mobile phones can be taken anywhere, while telephones are stationary. They provide communication for everybody, wherever they are and at any time.

(ii) Telegraph: A telegraph is a kind of communication where data is sent across a wire using a series of electrical current pulses, typically in the form of Morse code The fundamental parts consist of a direct current source, a wire or cable, and a current-indicating device such a relay, buzzer, or light bulb.

(iii) Internet: In the contemporary age, the internet is a very reliable and cost-effective method of communication that is also helpful for finding work and getting an education. The internet has reduced the world's workforce to an extremely small area. We can search the internet for any information. Search engines assist in quickly finding that information. Email can be used to send tiny or large amounts of information to any location in the world.

ARIS is an acronym for Algorithms for Recovery and Isolation Using Semantics (6bi).

(6bii)\s(Pick Any Two)

When performing an undo, changes are logged. When performing a redo, history is repeated.

The redo phase (6biii) I restores the database to its exact state at the time of the crash, including all modifications made by uncommitted transactions that were active at the time.

The UNDO Phase reverses all uncommitted changes and restores consistency to the database. To return the database to a consistent state, the modifications made by uncommitted transactions must be undone.


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