Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In USA [$160,000] Without Degrees in 2022/23

You need $160,000 Best 20 Highest Paying Jobs in US Without a Degree?

Are you looking online for the highest paid jobs in the USA that don't require a degree? For you, I offer this essay. The top 20 best paying jobs in the United States that don't require a degree are listed on this page. Continuity follows.

Best Highest Paying Jobs In US

Even if you didn't enroll in a university or college to earn your bachelor's degree, there is still hope for you. A college degree is not always required for high paying positions; many employers prefer candidates with experience, abilities, and background knowledge over those with a degree.

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The Procedure We Followed To Get The Jobs

Highest Paying Jobs In USA

Our ranking of the best jobs that don't require a degree and have the highest earning potential includes those that don't require a university degree or an associate's degree. The rating that follows is examined in light of factors including wage, unemployment rate, growth volume over the next ten years, and job prospects.

  • Low Salary

You can assess a job offer's fairness using the median compensation. Finding out the pay for people with your level of experience is important in addition to learning about general salaries for a position, however compensation varies by area.

Always research average incomes in the area. You can get an idea of what to anticipate in the field from this number.

It offers a simple approach to assess your earning potential even though your specific pay may differ. Additionally, it's an effective way to evaluate job differences.

  • Number of Unemployed

When deciding on monetary policy, the Federal Reserve considers a number of crucial factors, including the unemployment rate, to determine the state of the economy. The sectors that are losing jobs more quickly are identified by investors using current unemployment statistics. Once they know which mutual funds are to be sold, they can decide on a certain industry.

However, a very low unemployment rate may have unfavorable effects on society, including decreased productivity and inflation. A slack or output-gap occurs when the labor market reaches a point when adding new jobs does not increase productivity sufficiently to offset their cost.

  • Volume 10-Year Growth

Because it indicates an increase in job openings but at a slower growth rate, an expected growth rate of 9-13% is regarded as having a very positive impact on employment. Additionally, a projected growth rate of 14% or higher indicates that an industry is expanding rapidly, which is excellent news for job seekers.

  • Growth Rate over Ten Years

How quickly a profession is predicted to grow is indicated by the 10-year growth percentage estimate. Increased demand for a particular occupation is indicated by a high growth rate. According to the Basic Life Support (BLS), between 2020 and 2030, the total number of occupations is expected to grow by 7.7 percent.

  • Prospects for the Future

A person's potential to apply for and be hired for a particular job is demonstrated by their job prospect. It can also refer to the likelihood of future success in a job or career. The career outlook of a particular position has a direct impact on job prospects.

  • Level of Stress

This score illustrates how much daily activity stress a person might encounter while working in a particular profession.

This score reflects the degree to which a profession will influence a person's way of life.

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In US Without a Degree

The top paying positions available in the US without a college or university degree are listed below:

  • 1. Manager of Distribution and Transportation

Beginning Education: a high school diploma

Median Income: $94,730 on average

Job Gain: 6%

You will be expected to direct, plan, and coordinate various tasks related to the transportation, distribution, and storage of various materials and goods throughout your career.

  • 2. Operators of power plants

High school diploma is required for entry.

Income Median: $85,950

-16% job growth

You are expected to oversee and organize a power plant's operations, ensuring that it not only generates electricity but also distributes it to the right people and places.

  • 3. Commercial Pilot

High school diploma and commercial pilot's license are prerequisites for entry.

Median Income: $86,080

Job Gain: 9%

You're expected to fly a plane for the airline of your choice. However, in order to become a commercial pilot, you must have a college degree.

  • 4. Operator of Elevators

Entry-level training includes an apprenticeship and a high school diploma.

Median income: $84,990

Jobs Growth: 7%

People in this field are well paid even without a college degree. You need a grasp of mathematics and mechanics to become one. But overall, this job is worthwhile because it's among the highest paying jobs in USA that don't require a degree.

  • 5. Firefighting Supervisors

Postsecondary non-degree award in education

Median income: $77,800 

Jobs Added: 5%

You are required to oversee firefighting and fire prevention as a first-line supervisor to improve overall community safety.

  • 6. Claims Supervisors

the completion of high school

Income Median: $66,540

-6% job growth

Investigation of insurance claims is demanded of those in this profession.

  • 7. Makeup artist for stage and performance

Education: Postsecondary diploma without a degree

Average Income: $75,730

Job Growth: 7%

However, in order to apply makeup to performers that is appropriate for the role, one needs training and experience. This profession offers a good salary, but it also requires that one have these things.

  • 8. Mechanic for aircraft

Learning: Technical learning

 Median income: $64,310

Job Growth: 5%

Regular maintenance and repairs fall under the purview of this profession.

  • 9. Fire investigators

High school diploma; non-degree postsecondary diploma

Median income: $60,230.

Jobs Growth: 8%

These experts attempt to look into what occurred and, if necessary, determine who set the fire.

  • 10. Installations & Repairers of Electronics

Education: Technical training; Post-secondary diploma

Median Income: $59,080 

Job Growth: -1%

It is anticipated that these experts will operate as electronics installers or repairers.

11. Court reporter

Education: Postsecondary diploma without a degree

An average income: $60,130

Jobs Growth: 9%

The correctness of court procedural reviews and word-for-word transcripts of a trial or legal proceeding is the responsibility of this profession.

12. Technician in the Telecom Industry

Education: Postsecondary diploma without a degree

Average income: $57,910

Job Growth: -3%

Installation, upkeep, and repairs of equipment fall under the purview of this trade.

  • 13. Maritime Industry

Certificate of education

Average Income: $57,330

job growth 0%

Moving people and goods around the nation is the responsibility of these experts.

  • 14. Technician for wind generators

Education: Postsecondary diploma without a degree

Median Income: $52,910

Job Growth: 61%

The maintenance, repair, and inspection of wind turbines fall under the purview of this profession.

  • 15. Specialist in Computer Support

Learning: Certification

Median earnings of $54,760

Jobs Growth: 8%

This line of work helps people who use computers and mobile phones.

  • 16. Maker of tool and die

Education: High school diploma

Median income: $45,750

Job Growth: 3%

Setting up and running the machines that produce exact metal parts is the responsibility of this profession.

  • 17. Firefighter

Education: Postsecondary certificate; non-degree

Median income: $50,850

Jobs Growth: 6%

Firefighters are in charge of defending people and property against fire.

  • 18. Technicians in HVAC & refrigeration

Education: Apprenticeship; Postsecondary nondegree award

Median Income: $48,730

Job Growth: 4%

Repairs of heating and cooling systems fall under the purview of this profession.

  • 19. Sound and broadcast technicians

Postsecondary non-degree award in education

Income Median: $45,510

Job Gain: 9%

In order to ensure that the audience can hear the show, sound professionals operate and set up the audio equipment.

  • 20. Bookkeeper

Postsecondary education is available.

Earnings Median: $41,230

-6% job growth

You must create financial records, verify financial accuracy, and arrange paperwork as a bookkeeper.

Last Words On The Highest Paying Jobs In The USA Without A Degree

Finding a career that is best suited for you requires research, and many occupations frequently require some post-secondary or technical education in order to enter and succeed. Deciding not to get a degree doesn't reduce this amount of research.

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