NECO GCE Technical Drawing practicals questions 2022 - Complete Solutions

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NECO GCE Technical Drawing practicals questions 2022 - Complete Solutions
NECO GCE Technical Drawing practicals answers 

NECO GCE Technical Drawing practicals questions 2022.

Our website now has the NECO GCE Technical Drawing practicals questions for 2022-2023. This page will provide you with free access to previous NECO Technical Drawing repeated questions and answers 

The Technical Drawing Paper I Practicals is scheduled to hold on Thursday 24th Nov. 2022. Time: 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

You will also comprehend how the NECO Technical Drawing exam is set, among other examination-related information. You just need to stay focused and follow this instruction.

Nigeria's National Examinations Council is a testing organization that administers the General Certificate in Education and Senior Secondary Certificate Examination in June/July and December/January, respectively.

Technical drawing is among the most fascinating courses taught in Nigerian secondary schools. Students would need to read with a guide when studying for their exam because it is a very vast subject. If you're looking for the NECO GCE Technical Drawing Syllabus, you've come to the right place.

This is highly reasons because some students frequently read randomly, and this document would tend to direct them. You will learn everything you need to know about the NECO Syllabus in this article, along with the explanations. The NECO Technical Drawing Syllabus would also be included.

NECO GCE Technical Drawing practicals questions 2022 - Complete Solutions

NECO GCE Technical Drawing practicals questions 2022 - Complete Solutions

NECO GCE Technical Drawing practicals questions and answers

2022 NECO GCE Technical Drawing practicals questions and answers


This official document lists the subjects that students should research in preparation for their test. The topics covered in the syllabus would be the subjects of the exam questions.

Each of the topics has objectives that students must work toward and fulfill. This is due to the objectives containing the crucial ideas that are included in each of the topics.

The NECO Syllabus's reasons

To serve as a guide for students taking the exam, the (National Examination Council) syllabus was made available. It would be required of the students to use this material in their exam preparation, and it would be very beneficial to them. The reason for this is that they would have a better chance of passing their papers.

The NECO Syllabus: How to Use It

You must first download the PDF for each of the nine subjects that will be on the NECO Syllabus before you can use it. The next stage is to study the topics covered in each subject's textbook after that. Ensure that you accomplish the goals for each of the topics as well.

You must devote a considerable amount of time to this NECO Syllabus if you hope to succeed in Technical Drawing in your 2022 SSCE and GCE.


For students who would be taking technical drawing as a subject in their exam, NECO has created a syllabus. The syllabus contains topics that you should make sure to cover because they will be beneficial to you. There are additional goals that you must achieve for each of the themes.

The National Examination Council, or NECO, did not provide a syllabus for the upcoming test. However, you may also study with a WAEC student. This is so because both NECO and WAEC base their question-setting on the typical Nigerian secondary school syllabus.

Three papers will be given; Papers 1, 2, and 3 must all be taken. Papers 1 and 2 will be combined into one paper that must be taken all at once.

40 multiple-choice objective questions on paper 1 must all be answered in one hour for a total of 40 points. The paper will be divided into Sections A and B, respectively:

  • thirty questions from the general concepts, methods, and applications of solid and plane geometry will make up Section A.
  • Ten questions will be assigned to each of the two alternate sections in Section B: Part I (Building Drawing) and Part II. Only one part of the questions will be answered by candidates.

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