2022 WAEC GCE Woodwork Questions And Answers (Practical)

2022 WAEC GCE Woodwork Practical. All candidates who wish to take the exam may access the WAEC Syllabus for Woodwork Practical Questions and Answers. The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has formally unveiled a syllabus that will serve as a roadmap for all WAEC candidates planning to sit for the WAEC examination this year.

2022 WAEC GCE Woodwork Practical answers

Waec gce wood work essay obj

Woodwork 3 (Practical) - 9:30am - 12:30pm (1st Set)

Woodwork 3 (Practical) - 1:00pm - 4:00pm (2nd Set)

Check out the available areas of concentration if you want to have a very successful WAEC GCE Woodwork examination this year. Chapters and the topics to be covered to prepare for the exams are separated into sections. You can also see the format in which the WAEC Woodwork questions will be presented in the WAEC 2022 GCE Woodwork 3 (Practical).

There are three sections in which to select questions to answer. Objective questions are covered in Paper 1, essay questions are covered in Paper 2, and practical questions are covered in Paper 3. Whereas Paper One (1) is 40 minutes for 40 marks, Paper Two (2) is 2 hours and 20 minutes, and Paper Three (3) is 3 hours for 100 marks.

WAEC GCE for Woodwork Questions and Answers (Practical)

Candidates for the O'level WAEC and General Certificate Examination (GCE) may take this WAEC GCE Woodwork 3 (Practical) course. Both senior secondary school students in their final year and outside candidates may use this syllabus to study for the test. Practical Woodworking WAEC GCE

See the complete detailed information regarding the WAEC Woodwork GCE Questions and Answers below.


There will be three papers; Papers 1, 2, and 3 must all be taken. Papers 1 and 2 will

be a combined paper that must be taken in one sitting.

40 multiple-choice objective questions will be included in PAPER 1; all of the answers must be

To help you grasp the requirements anticipated in the Woodwork final Examination, WAEC has given the materials on Woodwork listed below. You may learn more about the Chief Examiner's evaluation of the student's performance in the test under review by clicking on the links General Comment, Performance, Weaknesses, Strength, and Observation to the relevant Questions.


(6a). Through a process known as volcanic intrusion, molten rocks and gases from below the earth's crust are pushed into fissures and joints where they solidify.


=Facts about Block Mountains=

I Length of time required for formation: Block mountains suddenly form.

(ii) Height: Block mountains are shorter than fold mountains in height.

(iii) Summit: Block mountains have a flat top or summit.

(iv) Land slope: There are steep slopes on either side of the area.

(v) Rift Valley/Graben: Rift valleys or grabens are found next to block mountains or horsts.

Block mountains are not as common as fold mountains in terms of extent (vii).

(vii) Rocks: Sedimentary and metamorphic rocks make up block mountains.

(viii) Tectonic movement: Epigenetic movement causes block mountains to arise.

Development of Block Mountains

When two tectonic plates separate from one another, the Earth's surface becomes cracked and block mountains are created. Block mountains may emerge when parallel fissures or faults occur due to the raising of the strip or block of land between them. A horst is the name of the upward block.


first, laccoliths

the sills

Dike (iii)

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