Top 10 Highly Paid Scholarships In Canada (Above Cad 50,000)

This scholarship, which is offered by Canada, is available to students who are graduating high school, currently enrolled, or who are graduating from a recognized post-secondary education institution within their home country.

The fellowship is open to post-graduate students who are studying a masters degree program in accredited, public universities in Canada. The Canadian University Scholarship is open to international students who wish to study in Canada, either as an undergraduate or masters degree student, at Fraser Valley University. Banting postdoctoral fellowships are available to foreign students willing to pursue graduate level undergraduate and postdoctoral studies at the University of Toronto.
The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program provides funding for very top postdoctoral candidates, nationally and internationally, who will positively contribute to the economic, social, and research-based growth of Canada. The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships are valued at $70,000, and are intended for postdoctoral students conducting research in areas including health, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and humanities [helpful link]. The Canada West University scholarship provides a maximum of $20,000 to pursue an undergraduate degree, and $10,000 for an MA.

Highest paying Canada West University scholarship

The University of Manitoba offers scholarships annually for undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students. The international student population at this Edmonton-based university has grown exponentially thanks to countless scholarships offered to international students looking to earn Masters and PhD degrees in Canada. The University of Manitoba has been the trailblazer for offering some of the best scholarships for students across Canada. One of the best scholarships for studying in Canada, Ontarios Trillium Scholarship is offered to exceptional international students looking to do their PhDs at one of the universities in Ontario.
This scholarship to study in British Columbia is worth up to $84,000 and is offered to eligible domestic and international students enrolled in an MA or PhD program at Simon Fraser University, Canada. International students with a strong academic record who are accepted at York University are eligible to receive scholarships of $600-100,000 for four-year degrees. At Huron University, international students who have a strong admissions record are automatically evaluated for scholarships valued at between $4,000 and $60,000 for a four-year program. Douglas College offers almost $100,000 annually in admissions scholarships to incoming international students who have demonstrated success in prior academic studies.
A range of scholarships from CA$60,000-$100,000 is available for four-year undergraduate programs to international students who have proven to excel in academics. A student would be eligible to receive up to CAD 9000 per annum in scholarships. These scholarships offer an average monthly allowance of $2500, together with the cost of education, lodging, medical insurance, and a trip allowance. The scholarships sponsor tuition fees from $18,000 to $32,000, monthly stipend, health insurance, and a variety of other benefits.
The Presidents scholarship, the Richard Lawar entrance scholarship, Carleton University Scholarship for Excellence, the Carleton University SHAD Scholarship are worth CA$ 20 000-30,000, whereas the Riordon scholarship and Collins Prestige scholarship covers the entire cost of 4 years of tuition.
This Canadian Scholarship covers only one years full tuition fees and is awarded based on academic merit following acceptance into Dalhousie University. The Pierre Elliott Trudeau scholarship covers the tuition fees, plus an allowance of CA$20,000 ($15,970) to pursue research, travel, networking, or even learning a new language.

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholarship is available to only those post-secondary students who apply to the aforementioned Faculty. The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholarship, named for Canadas former prime minister, is intended to subsidise 16 students PhD studies focused on one of four topics from the fund.
Named for the first Canadian governor-general, Georges P. Vanier, the scholarship is intended for Ph.D. students and students applying to graduate degrees combined at Canadian universities. Named after Major-General Georges P. Vanier, Canadas first French-speaking governor-general, the Vanier Canada Graduate Student Fellowship (Vanier CGS) program helps Canadian institutions attract highly skilled doctoral students. The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is needs-based and merit-based, and it recognises undergraduate students from abroad who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements, leadership skills, engagement in student affairs and community service, as well as achievement in other critical areas. The Emerging Leaders of the Americas Fellowship is a merit-based program providing financial support for students from Caribbean and South American countries attending universities in Canada.
The Schulich Leaders Scholarships Program recognises students from around Canada who have demonstrated academic, leadership, charm, and creative achievement, and plan to study in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields at one of UBCs campuses throughout their bachelors degrees. Several scholarships, grants, and awards from the Government of Canada are offered to exceptional students who are undertaking studies in the Engineering or Natural Sciences fields at a recognized Canadian university. The University of Calgary International Admissions Scholarship is a prestigious award which recognises the exceptional achievements of international students who are beginning undergraduate studies at the university.
University of Alberta Undergraduate Scholars Awards are awarded after an international student has been accepted into the university. Canada, in partnership with partner schools, offers merit-based scholarships for post-graduate students pursuing studies at designated Ontario universities. The $4 partial grant is open to students of any ethnicity who apply as a full-time, post-graduate student at the University of Toronto. FDU international student scholarships are comprised of a variety of funding sources and awards to international students who are enrolled in graduate degree programs or graduate programs at Fairleigh Dickinson University.
Douglas College Scholarships for International Students were established in order to support the growth of a diverse student population at Douglas College by recruiting qualified international students that will contribute to the educational experiences of all students on campus. The McCall McBain scholarship is designed to attract top global talent, while also supporting students from Laval University through mobility scholarships that help to develop them into leaders for tomorrow.
McGill University scholarships offer a maximum of $8,500 to undergraduate students, with a modest stipend amount to masters and PhD students. Lester B. Pearson University scholarship provides tuition waiver up to C$10,000, plus a research grant and alternative projects grant. The Lester B. Pearson Scholarship is a fully funded program that pays much more than $50,000 depending on course of study and other considerations [helpful link]. The amount of $50,000 is offered to recipients of this fellowship over the course of three years of PhD studies [Useful Link].
Canadas three-year, fully funded fellowship program is designed to build engaged leaders by providing exceptional PhD candidates the tools to turn their ideas into action to the benefit of their communities, Canada, and the world. A three-year fully funded scholarship program in Canada aims to train engaged leaders by providing outstanding Ph.D. candidates with the tools to translate their ideas into action, for the benefit of their communities, Canada, and the world.
A significant number of Canadian scholarships are also reserved for students who are financially challenged. Masters students may receive CA$14,000 a year, with a chance to apply again next year (the total value of a scholarship will be CA$28,000 if a student can receive the scholarship in two consecutive years).

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