Scholarships offered by DAAD in 2022–2023 | Application Guide

Scholarships offered by DAAD in 2022–2023 Application Guide: Are you a foreign or native-born German student who wants to conduct research in Germany but lacks funding? then stop searching. 

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the largest funding agency in the world, annually sponsors over 100,000 German and international students and researchers to pursue research and study abroad.

Graduates, doctorate students, and postdocs are the main beneficiaries of DAAD scholarships, which are given for study and research trips to German universities and non-university research institutions. 

A scholarship in Germany for a graduate degree, doctoral program, or post-doctoral study in a student's region or home country may also be offered through the "Sur-place and Third Country Programmes" to students, young scientists, and researchers.

If one wants to be awarded a DAAD scholarship, applying successfully is crucial. As a result, there are important considerations whether applying for a DAAD scholarship in Germany or through the Third Country Programs.

Scholarships offered by DAAD in 2022–2023 Application Guide

DAAD Scholarships | Important Information:

Applications for DAAD Scholarships 2022/2023 Eligibility Requirements:

Those who wish to apply for DAAD Scholarships must:
  • possess the necessary certifications from accredited colleges or universities.
  • International applicants are welcome to apply.
  • must exhibit outstanding leadership and intellectual credentials.

Selection standards:

The project's quality: a convincing and well-planned project for study and research trips, continuing education courses.

  • a wise course decision, as supported by the motivational letter.
  • academic successes
  • Additional selection requirements, such as language proficiency, may be relevant depending on the scholarship program.

Benefits of DAAD Scholarships in Germany :

The advantages provided by each scholarship program vary and are listed in the scholarship database's call for applications. Typically, it includes
  • A scholarship payment each month ($861 for graduates, $1,200 for doctoral/PhD students; university teachers often receive $2,150 per month ($2,000 for associate professors, assistant teachers, and lecturers; €2,000 for professors);
  • a set amount designated for travel.
  • Personal liability, health, and accident insurance.
  • a one-time grant for research, family benefits, or money for language classes.

Application Manual

While getting ready to apply for DAAD Scholarships, there are a number of things to watch out for, such as:

How to prepare your Application:

  • Letter of motivation, no longer than three paragraphs, outlining your professional and personal motivations for wanting to study in Germany Your schooling, abilities, academic motivation, personal interests, and scholarship application justifications should all be included in the material.
  • The proposal should explicitly define the purpose, current status of the literature, important research questions, research techniques and methodologies, ethical considerations, and research bibliographies.
  • Making a Project Plan: If you want to conduct independent research or finish a doctorate in Germany, you must get approval from a university instructor. You must find a host, who should be a university instructor or instructors who

How to apply for Scholarships offered by DAAD in 2022–2023 Application Guide

The DAAD site must be registered before applying online. Choose your preferred scholarship program in the scholarship database before clicking the "Submit application" option. Depending on the scholarship program, there may be different application processes. Applicants should read the "Application Procedures" at the scholarship database to learn where and how to apply.

The steps listed below should be followed in order to apply:
  1. Download the DAAD scholarship application form.
  2. Personalized resumes should include your signature.
  3. Write a letter of motivation and sign it by hand.
  4. Prepare a thorough research proposal.
  5. Obtain a letter of recommendation from your former university.
  6. Find a host from a university that is approved by the government or the state.

There is no age restriction for applicants interested in applying for scholarships, therefore

Most courses are eligible for DAAD scholarships. 

However, since some disciplines are restricted, applicants must make sure their course of study is on the authorized programs (e.g. medicine).

More details are available on the official website.

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