Scholarship for Domestic and International Students under Destination Australia 2022

Scholarship for Domestic and International Students under Destination Australia 2022

For domestic and international students who want to enroll in a degree program at Flinders University, the Commonwealth of Australia offers the Destination Australia Scholarship as part of the International Education Support program.

There will be 12 domestic scholarships offered and 2 for foreign students.

For the duration of the recipient's program, up to a maximum of three years, scholarships will be worth $15,000 a year. 

After the census date of each semester, payment will be made twice a year.

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Destination Australia Scholarships:

  • Sponsor(s) of the scholarship: Commonwealth of Australia
  • Flinders University, Australia, is one of the hosting institutions.
  • Scholarship Value: $15,000 annually
  • 14 awards total.
  • Degree Level: Bachelor's
  • Nationality: Local & Foreign Students
Scholarship for Domestic and International Students under Destination Australia 2022

Information | Australia Scholarship via Domestic and International 

Under the Destination Australia Program of the Commonwealth government, the Destination Australia Scholarship has been established. 

Which aims to expand and strengthen regional Australian tertiary education providers, attract and assist local and international students to study there, and provide students with a high-quality educational experience.

Source of funds: As part of the International Education Support program, the Commonwealth of Australia awarded Grant Funding that allowed for the establishment of the scholarship.

Destination Australia 2022 Eligibility Requirements

The following requirements must be satisfied by candidates in order to be eligible for the Destination Australia Scholarship:
  • Applicants must be either domestic or foreign students.
  • Candidates must be beginning a bachelor's degree at Flinders University's Riverland campus; and
  • continue to reside in a regional area as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics' 2016 Australian Statistical Geography Standard Remoteness Structure; and
  • Interested applicants must be full-time students.
  • International recipients must additionally have a student visa throughout the scholarship period.

How To Apply for Destination Australia 2022 International Student.

Application Procedures: By the given closing date, applications must be submitted electronically through the Flinders University Student System. Because this information will be used to evaluate you, please read the how to apply page and make sure that all of your personal information is accurate in the Student System.

August 5, 2022 is the deadline for applications.


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