CZ Binance: Most Humble Crypto Billionaire In The World

This is the richest guy in the world from crypto and you don't even know him 

His name is CZ. He made over $60 billion but his mom still called him stupid. 

Listen attentively, this article will tell you CZ's incredible story. 

CZ is just a normal guy. He was born in China and grew up in the city of Vancouver, Canada and he now lives in Dubai. but his incredible story starts at a poker table in 2013.

He was playing poker with a few of his friends when one of them said, Hey! Have you heard about bitcoin? Bitcoin back then was new and CZ didn't know about it

when he, first of all, heard about Bitcoin he was like, " Bitcoin.. what's it? The name sounded good. Bit..coin. that was great naming and two of my friends was talking about this is the money from internet for internet, And he was like this is fascinating.

Most humans would keep playing poker and make fun of Bitcoin but CZ did not! 

He wanted to understand it, He downloaded the white paper on Bitcoin printed it, and read every single word.

This White paper is only 9 pages long but he knew this is the future for money, a few months later he come convinced that cryptocurrency is gonna be the future and it's gonna stay.

When he first use the e-mail h knew that it was gonna stay it was so much easier. When you first use social media you just knew...and when he came across bitcoin I knew this is gonna stay.

His conviction was strong that he sold his entire apartment and invested in Bitcoin $ 1 million and what did his poker friends think?

Most of his friends thought he was crazy because he was selling his apartment in Shanghai to go all-in into Crypto. And he was quitting his job so he was jobless and homeless by most people's definition which is crazy, And they were right. 

He was crazy.

In the next two months, Bitcoin crashed by 70% and he lost $700,000 Even his mother told him he was a stupid kid for wasting so much money. So he was like "You stupid Kid" and " why couldn't you be like other people, Get a nice job ... corporate"

Bitcoin cryptocurrency back in 2013, 2014 for him it was one of those unique opportunities where it was early-stage only a small number of people got it and it was gonna be a huge future so, he told himself", he's not gonna miss it that was an opportunity of a lifetime! 

He stopped playing poker. He stopped all his hobbies he quit his job and spent 9 am to midnight 7 days a week for 5 years working on Blockchain Technology.

Eventually, he started a Crypto Exchange called "Binance" where people can buy and sell crypto to each other and that blew up!

In 5 years since become the biggest crypto exchange in the world with more than $100 million users. and he was shocked so big.

Originally when he started he told his team let's aim for the world's top 10 Exchange in three years but we got there in six months in the top one. Binance became so big that it made CZ the richest man in crypto worth over $60 billion in five years! 

How do you feel about having so much money? 

He Said, I don't think money is the most important factor. I don't focus on that I focus on building products people use and how to make that the most efficient and the most impactful thing for the world.

This story is not about crypto, And it's not about making money in fact, CZ doesn't scare about money look at his clothes! 


He has no fancy clothes or cars and he plans to donate his wealth to Charity.

This story is about Conviction if you are starting a company or a YouTube channel or a new career you gotta have the conviction that it will work even when your mom thinks what you're doing is stupid 

When you know you're right you just got have the stamina to last until the rest of the population catches on.

CZ had a conviction in crypto becoming the richest person and changing the world of finance. 

Now imagine what you can do. if you truly believe in something we're done thank you 

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