WAEC Agric Practical Questions and Answers for 2022/2023

WAEC Agric Practical Questions and Answers for the year 2022 are now available. Because they don't comprehend the questions, many WAEC candidates have trouble answering the WAEC Agriculture Practical Questions correctly. I'll show you how to answer WAEC Agric Science Practical questions in the best possible way so you may get a good result on your Agricultural Science test. 

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Waec 2022/2023 Agricultural Science 3 (Practical) – 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. (1st Set)
2022 Agric Science 3 (Practical) – 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (2nd Set)

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Before tackling any question, you must first comprehend the WAEC Agric Practical marking structure in order to present your answers in such a way that the examiner would find them appealing, allowing you to obtain high points.

Remember that each process receives a grade. So, when reporting and presenting your practical outcomes, make sure you don't miss any steps. Also, keep in mind that clean sketching and labeling are critical.

You will be required to conduct an experiment and write a report on your findings.

The WAEC Agric Specimen issued to your school will be very similar to what you will see.

Contents List

1 Agric Answers for Today's Practical Agric
Questions and Answers for the WAEC Agric Practical Specimen
3 WAEC Agric Practical Questions and Answers 2022 (EXPO)
Answers to Today's Agric Questions


Specimen A is a magnified pair of scissors with two long metal blades and two wooden, metal, rubber, or plastic handles. The blades have one edge that is sharpened, and a bolt and nut connects them to the pivot.


SPECIMEN A: It's utilized for I pruning and (ii) flower cutting.

SPECIMEN B: It's used for weeding and pruning hedges and shrubs.

SPECIMEN A: I Keep refrigerated and dry.
(ii) After each usage, clean or wash (iii) Keep out of the rain to avoid rust.

SPECIMEN C: I Store in a cool, dry location; (ii) Always wash and clean after use; (iii) Make sure the blade is sharpened properly.

Hoes I and Hand Trowel (ii) (1d)

Questions and Answers from WAEC Agric Practical Specimen

1. Which manure class do specimens A and B belong to?

(b) Make a list of three differences between specimens A and B.
List two precautions to follow when using specimens A and B.
(d) (i)State which specimen is best for improving clay soil.
(ii) Explain why you answered the way you did.

ANSWER: (a) Both natural and manmade.
(b) Specimen A (Poultry Droppings) Characteristics – Bulky – Microorganism-Rich
– Many plant nutrients are present, and soil fertility is improved as a result. The nutrient concentration is quite low – capable of gluing soil particles together/improves soil structure, but has a foul odor
- Helps to raise the temperature of the soil Nutrients are less easily leached and stay in the soil for longer. Improves the soil structure, which reduces erosion. Nutrient concentrations that aren't constant

Observation B (N-P-K 15 -15-15)
- Structured granularly Has a strong odor – only a few mineral nutrients are present – is not bulky in nature – does not minimize soil erosion There are many of nutrients to choose from. Hygroscopic.

Specimen A (poultry droppings) should not be applied to crops on the field when it is still fresh. Must not be allowed to come into contact with the plants – Must cure well before use/be totally decomposed before use – Wear protective clothing – Apply when dirt is damp – Wash hands soon after application
Specimen B (N-P-K 15 -15-15) – Do not allow direct contact with the plant. Do not apply when the soil is very dry. After using, wash your hands promptly. - Do not eat, drink, or smoke when applying fertilizers to alkaline soils. Before application, conduct a soil test to determine the deficiency nutrient.

2. a) Recognize specimens D, E, and F.
(b) Determine the formation mode of specimens D,E, and F.
(c) Describe examples D and E in three features each.
(d) Explain how specimen E is economically significant in three ways.

ANSWERS: (a) D(Pebbles or sandstone), E(Granite), and F(French limestone) (Marble).

Specimens (part b) Sedimentary rock (letter D) is a type of rock that is made up of sediments.

Igneous rock (E) and metamorphic rock (F) are two different types of rocks.

Specimen D (Pebbles/Sandstone) has the following characteristics.

- It occurs in strata or layers.

- Coarse, fine, soft, or firm are all possibilities.

— In nature, non-crystalline

- Fossils, plant, and animal remnants may be present.
• Erosion-resistant
- It's possible that it's permeable.
E (Granite)

- Crystalline/contains crystals in nature

It is enormous, extremely durable, and water resistant.

— Extremely resistant to weather and degradation

– There are no fossils in this product.

3. a) Recognize the specimens C (b) List two different applications for sample C. (c) Name two different farm implements that can perform the function of specimen C (d) Give two maintenance methods for specimen C.

The questions given are only for practice and will not be used in the WAEC Agric practical exhibition in 2022.

WAEC Agric Answers in Practice 2022 (EXPO)

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2022 WAEC Practical Agric Answers

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