2024 WAEC Geography (OBJ & Essay) Questions and Answers

Complete 2024 WAEC May/June Geography (GEO) Essay (Theory), Objectives (OBJ) and Practical / Physical Questions and Answers for School Candidates Free of Charge | WAEC May/June Free Geography Questions and Answers EXPO Room (2nd June, 2024).

Geography 2 (Essay) – 09:30am – 11:30am

Geography 1 (Objective) – 11:30am – 12:30pm

WAEC 2024 Geography Answers:

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Last year 2023 WAEC Geography Objectives (OBJ)  ESSAY (Theory) Question and Answers:

Question NumberAnswer
Human Geography
Number 1
1a (Pick any 5)(i) Shortage Of Raw Materials
(ii) Political Instability
(iii) Inadequate skilled man-power
(iv) Poor Management
(v) Competition from foreign goods
1b (Pick any 5)(i) Acquisition of Skills
(ii) Good government policies
(iii) Establishment of more power plants
(iv) Increase in wages/salaries of workers
(v) Creation of Industrial Zones
Number 2
2a (Pick any 5)(i) Agricultural economy
(ii) Traditional housing
(iii) Limited infrastructure
(iv) Close-knit communities
(v) Limited access to services
2b (Pick any 5)(i) Market access
(ii) Supply of goods and services
(iii) Employment opportunities
(iv) Transportation and connectivity
(v) Government services and administration
Number 3
3 (Choose any 4)(i) Rail transportation is convenient for bulky goods
(ii) It is cheap for transporting people and goods
(iii) It opens up new land for minerals and agricultural crops
(iv) It brings bulky imported goods from ports to the interior
3b (Choose any 3)(i) Lack of spare parts and poor maintenance
(ii) Inadequate financing or funding
(iii) Low patronage and high competition with other forms of transport
3c (Choose any 4)(i) Spare parts should be available always
(ii) People should be trained on rail maintenance
(iii) Rail Transportation should be properly funded
(iv) Railway fare should be cheap enough to attract passengers
Number 4
4aInternal Trade is the type of trade which involves the buying and selling or exchange of goods and services within the country
4b (Choose any 5)(i) Low technology does not improve internal trade
(ii) Inter communal strife or political instability slow down internal trade
(iii) Similarity of products limit internal trade in Nigeria
(iv) Smuggling of products to neighboring countries limit internal trade
(v) High Rate of rural-urban migrations
4c (Choose any 4)(i) Fosters regional Cooperation
(ii) Provision of Job Opportunity
(iii) Growth of Ancillary Services
(iv) Provision of raw materials for industries


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