Canada Study & Work Permit - Canada Has The Best Immigration System In The Whole World Wide

Do you want to study or work in Canada? If yes, Don't worry, your search end here. Get 2022 Canada work Permit. Canada Has The Best Immigration System In The Whole World Wide –Free visa permit to study in canada

Canada Study & Work Permit - Canada Has The Best Immigration System In The Whole World Wide

When it comes to Traveling to other countries of the world, Canada tends to be the most willing and stress free accepting country to travel to for whatever purpose the travel will be. 

My advise to any African person in search of some other country to go for either of the purposes mentioned above would be “Go To Canada”. As to the purpose of this piece I will be letting us know of the variously Canadian permits and how one could be eligible to get them and the processes thereafter. To start with;

(1). Canada Work Permit

This is the most common Canada permit, it gives to it's holder the legal right to live and work in Canada for the time specified while awaiting permanent residence. 

The Canadian government grants this permit through it's Express Entry System which is mainly given to skilled workers from other countries who are not Canadian citizens but whose skill expertise is sort within the country's territory. 

People with certain educational qualifications and people with language abilities maybe availed the opportunity to enter into Canada through this system by any of Canada's Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP's), which now requires you to make sure that your application is sent to the province that needs workers of your profession and skill type( usually, they always want people with a higher degree). 

In some cases, the province might even sponsor your trip to Canada in which case you would receive your work permit while at home before the travel as long as you are qualified for PNP's Making you travel international borders without risk, this is depending on the province and the degree of want of your profession or skill within the province.

However, not everyone is qualified for PNP's. There are also other ways one can get himself this permit in Canada, for instance ; some foreign students apply for post- Graduation work permit which allows them to live and work in Canada after graduation without having to worry of being kicked out of the country upon expiration of their Visa, Though depending on their field of study.

These all are subject to PNP's requirements which includes that;
  • ★Applicants prove that they are citizens of certain and recognized country or Region.
  • ★That they have enough money to sustain themselves during their stay in Canada.
  • ★Proper documentation that they will leave Canada upon the expiration of their Visa.
  • ★And finally must meet both the health and security requirements of IRCC.

(2). Canada Study Permit.

This permit allows foreign studenyto study in Canada at Designated Learning Institutions (DLI's).  Almost all the foreign students need study permit to study in Canada. Prior to application, it is necessary to get ready all the required documents before time. 

Study permit is not the same thing as a visa, while having your study pernit, you will still need a visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to be able to enter into the country to study while with your study permit.

Prove Of Acceptance

An approval letter from your school is also required and a copy of your application letter with application for study permit.

Conditional Acceptance

If you have a conditional acceptance then prior to your study you will have to take classes on some courses and your visa will only last during this period of study plus one year, which means you would need to reapply.

These classes could be! English as a secondary language or French as a secondary language. If you are family to the person studying abroad, and you are to pay a visit you don't need acceptance to do that.

Prove Of Identity

The applicant and his family going to Canada must have a Document of identification. If you are applying online then a picture of the means of identification is what you will have to send.

Prove Of Financial Support

Applicant must prove that he has enough money to sustain him and the family member who came with him to Canada. This can be done using my of the various ways which will be provided at the instance.

(3). Canada Visitor's Visa

This type of visa enables one to travel to Canada and stay up to six months, 
Often tourists use this method of visa acquisition as it is easier to get than the work permit and has lesser impediment than study pernit and permanent residence.

The Canadian government doesn't require any basic level of qualifications to grant this type of visa to applicants but everyone who is applying for this type of visa will always have to prove that he can sustain himself during the trip. 

You have ties like a job of family that will always make you want to go back home. And if there's anything form of thinking or circumstances that will mae you want to stay or to stay in Canada for permanently then, don't apply for this Visa.

Permanent Residence

  • Permanent residence is a person who is not a Canadian citizen but who has been granted residence after immigration.
  • The permanent residence card lasts for 5years afte which you can reapply.
  • Foreign students and workers or visitors from other countries are not regarded as permanent residence in Canada. 
  • A requirement that within that five years, should at least be in Seven hundred and thirty (730) days is demanded otherwise you will stand a chance to loose the permanent residence. 

  • Anybody can apply for permanent residence in Canada but only those who meet the requirements will be approved.

The Requirements Ranges From:

Age, level of education, Canadian work experience, official language proficiency and second official language proficiency and other demands.

These and more awesome reasons are the grounds why one should Canada while planning a travel either for the purposes of education, work, permanent residency or even for tourists who really want a peaceful and relaxed exploration.

If you still dig deep, you will find out more reasons and benefits one will gain from making Canada your travel fantasy and working towards it as it is not wvey country of the world that has these amazing and we'll organized immigration system.

How to Apply for Canada Work permit.

Interested applicant should click on the link to apply;

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