2021 NECO GCE Arabic objective and theory (literature) Questions and Answers

Read and download NECO GCE Arabic objective and essay (theory) questions and answers for free (Paper III). In this post, I will give you free access to all the Arabic past, likely, sample and verified obj answers.


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The National Examination Council (NECO) Arabic exam is now out.


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NECO GCE Arabic objective Questions and answers

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Today's NECO GCE Arabic Questions and answers 2021



1. Write on the adage which says “silence is (a source) of peace “.

2. Write an interesting story ending with “he reaped what he sowed”.

3. Write on the significance of learning.

4. Write a congratulatory letter to your former principal who has just been appointed as a judge.


1. Write briefly on the biography of Muhammad Hafiz Ibrahim.

2. Write briefly on the biography of Zuhayr bn. Abi Sulman and illustrate with two lines from his eulogy for Harm bn. Sanan and al-Harith bn. ‘Awf.

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Write short notes on the following characters in the play “Why do they hate us?’’
(a) Adam
(b) Hamzah
(c) Zaynab.

3. Talk on the circumstance surrounding the quoted line of Ahmad Shawqi and support your answer with two lines from the same poem.

4. Write briefly on the biography of Iliya Abu- Madi with little reference to his composition “at-Talasim”.

5. Describe the relationship between Jarir and Farazdaq, bringing a line each from any of their poems to illustrate.

6. Write briefly on content of the sermon of ‘Ali b. Abī Tālib on “Sincere Struggle in the Cause of Allah”.

Tips to help you pass your NECO GCE exam

  • Read and download the Arabic past questions and answers
  • Download and read the Arabic syllabus for NECO GCE.
  • Believe within yourself that you will pass the examination.
  • Be in the exam venue before time.
  • Ensure you read the examination instructions carefully before you answer.

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