2021 JAMB CBT Runz | Mock Exam Update

This is all candidates sitting for JAMB 2021 mostly candidates who subscribed to our jamb exam runs, "What we can have here tonight" 

Once there's Improvement tomorrow, We'll definitely starts with something but i want everyone to be active at the same time ⌚

Charge your phone, Maximize your Data and Stay with a book and Pen tomorrow by 9pm..

Please join me by 9pm tonight about discussing how to scheduled the timetable for the 2021 JAMB exam.

We're going to talk about the main subject needed to be treated, Some secrets in JAMB CBT.

How to make use of Our Runz, Explaining our 2 Packages and how they works and registration process on database for those who are yet to get registered

Trust you had a wonderful Weekend?

Before we proceed, Please note, Any unexpected messages from us was sent directly from our Broadcast Lists.

Please if you're online.. Signify with your best smiley ☺ to continue

We can see some people are not active here on WhatsApp Broadcastlist

Lets give other more 5minutes to join us before proceeding "CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP VIP GROUP"

Well, We can see low activities from our end here..

I would like to get a list of convenient time frame between 7pm to 10pm about scheduling the time we'll conduct our daily lessons and tutorials on how to use our runz.

With your Core Subjects needed to be treated..  

We can see some are just joining us

We need you to Give us a convenient time you'll be active daily on WhatsApp here between 7pm to 10pm

And also, Drop your core subjects combination here on WhatsApp group


All candidates sitting for the 2021 Mock examination scheduled for Thursday, 3rd June 2021 are advised to go to their assigned centres with N700. 

The amount would be paid to the Centre owner as the mock examination fee.

➡️```Prepare yourself well for the forthcoming exam by subscribing to our database:``` JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP

_*🔘Kindly R.B.C🔥💫🔥*_


For those asking about working in abroad just want to connect mydpart, we have placed more than 25 peoples on study and employment since January 2022.

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