WAEC 2020/2021 Agriculture Science Obj/Theory questions and answers is out


Method of propagation:

Sexually (by seeds) and vegetative propagation


Spacing in the field:

The field is spaced at 7.0m × 7.0m


(i)The seedings are now replanted at 60cm × 60cm spacing

(ii)it is planted around April and May


(choose Any Two)

(i) Thrips

(ii) Red mites

(iii) Aphids

(iv) Fruit borers

(v) Caterpillars


(choose Any two)

(i) Gummosis

(ii) Citrus scab

(iii) Tristeza


Surface irrigation: It is the system in which the rived or dem overflow its banks so as to flood the whole area


Surface drainage is the removal of excess water from the surface of the farm land using constructed open ditches ,field drains and lateral ditches


(i) Water use efficiency is high

(ii) It ensure low evaporation losses from the soil

(iii) It is cheap to practice


(i) It is easy to construct

(ii) It prevent stagnant water

(iii) It is cheaper than sub surface

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