Waec 2020/2021 Government Obj & Theory/Essay Questions and Answers is Out

 Waec 2020/2021 Government Obj & Theory/Essay questions and Answers is Out

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Some Corrections Made


Segment A*

Solution two questions 



We take a look at governments so we are able to make an educated selection in relation to balloting. Because of this you aren't just going to make your voting choice on a speech or tv software that you see. You are going so that you can have a clear information of the different rules which are in vicinity and you may examine one party to another, making sure you're making the right choice for you.


Reading government gives you understanding. You're in a position to recognize extra about the government than ever before. In case you do now not examine governments then you definately are not going to realize all of the fine details of politics.


We are able to manage the destiny of our u . S ., such as political moves and government selection making. Reading authorities goes to make sure that you could make a distinction.


There may be usually going to be the choice to make upgrades within distinctive governments. If a government does no longer have a clean concept on certainly one of their regulations, this may be modified and progressed over time, and you may recognize this while you examine the subject.

(five)career selections:

Reading the authorities is going to open many doorways for you and you can determine whether or now not you want to go into a profession in politics (to make a distinction as a whole lot as you spot suit).

There are many distinct reasons why we examine politics, and it is in particular to have a clean information of how matters function and to ensure that upgrades may be made in the future.



(2a)individual who's entitled to enjoy all the criminal rights and privileges granted by way of a nation to the human beings comprising its constituency, and is obligated to obey its laws and to fulfill his or responsibilities as called upon. Also called country wide.


1. Obey the regulation

That is the principal duty of a good citizen. Legal guidelines are made to defend the hobby of all residents to the extent that if every citizen obey the law, there might be order and everybody will live in peace and government could have beneficial surroundings to discharge its own duties.

2. Safety of Public property

Citizens are also anticipated to guard authorities or public properties from vandalisation. Citizens are expected to fight in opposition to misappropriation, corruption and squandering of public fund.

3. Payment of Taxes

Every citizen is anticipated not handiest to claim his or her earnings genuinely to appropriate and lawful groups but to pay his tax right away as at while due. It's miles from the tax paid by way of the residents that authorities offer crucial services inclusive of water, strength, suitable roads, hospitals and schools, maintenance of law and order inclusive.

4. Rendering countrywide service

At some point of any form of emergency, which include for the duration of conflict with enemy usa, citizens are anticipated to come out and defend the integrity of the kingdom. That is carried out via enlisting inside the military to fight against enemy and protect the united states. The countrywide teens carrier (NYSC) is certainly one of such call to serve our fatherland.


I. Clifford constitution Of 1922

Ii. Richard ’s constitution of 1946

Iii. Lyttleton

Charter of 1954


1. Established order of complete nearby self-government for the east and west in 1957 and for the North in 1959.

2. That the office of the high minister of Nigeria ought to be established.

Three. The federal legislature might comprise  houses, the senate and house of representatives.

4. Southern Cameroons would become a region, with its personal optimal.


*section B*

(7a) (i)Multi-Ethnicity : Nigeria is a country with loads of ethnic

Businesses. As a result of this, it has introduced about the cry of the

Minorities clamoring for his or her own kingdom. (ii)power Sharing:

Method strength sharing has been one of the essential trouble

Militating against federalism in Nigeria. (7b)

(i)Governmental powers are shared between the Federal and

State governments. (ii)Its operation is sponsored up by means of a federal

Charter, which is typically written and inflexible in nature. (iii)It

Guarantees equal representation of all groups. (1) (i)vote casting: We

Examine governments so we are able to make an knowledgeable choice

In terms of vote casting. Which means that you aren't simply

Going to make your voting decision on a speech or television application

That you see. (ii) understanding; reading government gives you

Know-how. You are in a function to know greater approximately the

Government than ever before. In case you do now not observe governments

You then aren't going to recognize all the fine details of

Politics. (iii)future; we are able to manage the destiny of our us of a,

Which includes political movements and

Government selection making. Analyzing government is going to

Make certain that you may make a difference.

(iv)enhancements; there may be constantly going to be the choice to

Make improvements inside exceptional governments. If a

Authorities does now not have a clear idea on one among their

Regulations, this could be changed and stepped forward over the years, and you

Can apprehend this while you study the challenge. (v)profession

Picks ; studying the government goes to open many

Doors for you and you can decide whether or not or now not you want to

Pass right into a career in politics (to make a difference as an awful lot as

You see healthy).

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