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(i) Availability of labour 
(ii) Availability of capital 
(iii) Nearness to source of power 
(iv) Adequate transport network 
(v) Nearness to market 
(vi) Proximity to source of raw materials.

(i) It creates more employment 
(ii) It increases state and local government revenue 
(iii) It brings development 
(iv) It brings civilization 
(v) It also brings new technologies


2(a). Total Population = 3.2 + 5.4 +7.4 + 6.5 + 4.2 = 26.7 million

2(b). Total land area = 140,000 + 98,000 + 35,000 + 120,000 + 86,000 = 47,900 km²

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(Number 3)

(I)it provide door to door services ie it can get to anywhere within the country
(II)it makes goods available where they are scare
(III)Road facilitate the movement of people within a short distance
(IV)it feeds water ,rail and air transportation
(V)It is the most common means of transportation

(I)Roads are very expensive to construct and maintain
(II)Roads are difficult to construct, especially in highlands and swampy areas
(III)Amount of goods and passengers carried by roads is limited
(IV)Road are more proned to accident than any other means of transportation
(V)They are more proned to damage,especially washouts caused by heavy rain

(I)Agricultural raw material such as cocoa ,cotton,palm produce ,timber etc are mostly conveyed by road to the processing factories scattered all over the country
(II)it leads to increased agricultural, mineral and industrial production
(III)It aids the movement of people or labour and capital
(IV)it gives rise to employment opportunities
(V)It links areas of production with areas of com sump in a country


*)Rapid Speed: If the goods are to be sent immediately or quickly, motor transport is more suited than the railways or water transport. Water transport is very slow. Also much time is wasted in booking the goods and taking delivery of the goods in case of railway and water transport.

*)Suitable for Short Distance: It is more economic and quicker for carrying goods and people over short distances. Delays in transit of goods on account of intermediate loading and handling are avoided. Goods can be loaded direct into a road vehicle and transported straight to their place of destination.

Flexible Service: Road transport has a great advantage over other modes of transport for its flexible service, its routes and timings can be adjusted and changed to individual requirements without much inconvenience.

*)Easy to communicate with driver

*)Ideal for sending by courier shortages to customers

Pick only three out of this

(No 4B)
(i)Climatic conditions such as temperature and rainfall significantly influence the groundnut production. Warm and moist conditions are very favorable than cool and wet climate, which results in slow germination and seedling emergence, increasing the risk of seed rot and seedling diseases.

(ii) Temperature is a major environmental factor that determines the rate of crop development. Temperatures above 35°C inhibit the growth of groundnut. Optimum mean daily temperature to grow is 30°C and growth ceases at 15°C. For rapid emergence, soil temperature above 21°C is needed. The optimum temperature for the most rapid germination and seedling development is about 30°C.

(iii). A minimum 100 - day optimum temperature growing season is necessary for successful groundnut crop production. Adequate and well distributed rainfall during the growing season, especially during flowering, pegging and pod formation stages, is essential for maximum yield and quality of groundnut. Groundnut is grown in areas receiving 600 to 1500 mm of rainfall. However, the crop can be grown successfully with a rainfall of 1250 mm.


-Nigeria is one of the countries of the world with a variety of oil seeds notably groundnut, oil palm, soybean and cotton seeds. Vegetable oils are used principally for food (mostly as shortening, margarines, and salad and cooking oils) and in the manufacture of soap and other products.

-Groundnut is by far the most nutritive oil-seed used in West Africa. The kernels have an average fat and protein content of 75% and an energy value of 360 kcal/100g, compared to 60% and 430 kcal/100 g for soybeans.

-In Nigeria, Groundnut provides high quality cooking oil and is an important source of protein for both human and animal diet and also provides much needed foreign exchange by exporting kernels and cake.

– As population continues to grow the demand for edible oil in many developing countries such as Nigeria will also continue to grow.

-Groundnut will continue to be important in satisfying this growing demand because it is adaptable to a wide range of environments from sandy soils of the Sahel to favorable irrigated areas

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