Waec 2019 Tourism obj & Theory Questions and answers Is Out

Waec 2019 Tourism obj & Theory Questions and answers 


Tourism marketing involves all the  activities  that is needed or required  to move tourism  products  to the final consumer tourist


(i)leather Shoe
(ii)leather belt
(iii)leather slippers
(iv)leather bags

(Number 5)

State two Roles of tour operator

(1)taking tourist to place where they can relax

(2)planning special holidays packages

(3)help in CO ordinating the accommodation  and transportation of tourist

(4)Ensuring that the tour agencies advertise the holiday packages

(5)properly directing the tourist to his place of interest

(Number 6)

(3)National drug law enforcement  agencies
(4)Care hire services


(I) Electronic media
(II) Print media
(III) Electronic  bill board
(Iv) E reservation
(v) E banking

(Number 8)

(1)Tour guild:- provide information  to tourist

(2)Ticket retailer:-Sales ticket to intending tourist

(3)cook:-helps in serving food to tourist

(4)waiter:-he or she prepare bills/receipt

(Number 9)

(Pick two) 
(1)They help in arranging  lodging for tourist

(2)Help  customer's to find suitable package for holidays or to plan independent travel

(3)Help in checking the availability  of the chosen holidays by telephone or computer

Domestic tourism is a voyage that you do not need passport  while 
international  tourism needs a passport or visa

Domestic  tourism does not lead foreign  exchange  while international  tourism  earns foreign  exchange

(I) physiological reasons:-it involves  how people feel,their physical health and their levels of fatigue

(2)Holiday:-This is a period of rest from work, school or whatever one does

(3)Economic reason:-This has to do with business  transaction which involves moving from one place  to another

(1)Tourism statistics  enable us think fast,we are able to apply it in solving travel problem thus avoiding unnecessary  expenditure 

(2)Tourism statistic enables one to make the right choice of accommodation, due to one's financial position

(3)Tourism statistic brings knowledge that enable a tourist, tour guild, tour operator to know his financial  position 

(4)Proper expenditure  pattern is drawn with help of tourism  statistic 

(5)The principal  of inflow and outflow pattern I'm tourism is properly  understood with the help  of tourism statistic

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