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Questions and Answers for WAEC Data Processing. I will provide you with free access to WAEC Data Processing objective and theory repeated questions. You'll also learn how WAEC Data Processing questions are constructed, as well as a variety of other test information.

WAEC 2022/2023 Data processing Obj/essay 



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(i) Connect the flash drive to your computer's USB port.

(ii) Open your Microsoft Word document and pick "save as" from the "file" option.

(iii) At the top of the save as dialog box, choose "save in" from the drop-down option.

(iv) Go to the flash drive and click it. The flash drive's drive letter is usually "e" or "f."

(v) In the file name box, type the name of your document and then click "save" to save the file to the flash drive.


(i) Go to the spot where you wish to create the folder, which is the computer's desktop.

(ii) At the same moment, hold down the ctrl, shift, and n keys.

(iii) Type "assignment" as the name of the folder you want to create.

(iv) Go to the place where you wish the folder to be created.

(v) Finish by saving.


(i) Go to the folder where the word documents you wish to print are stored.

(ii) Hold down the [ctrl] key while selecting the files you wish to print. (Pick the first item in the list, press [shift], and then select the final file in the list if the files are nearby.)

(iii) From the shortcut menu, right-click the selection and choose print.

(iv) Click OK after selecting the required print settings. (The settings you choose will be applied to all of the papers.)



(i)External (DVD ROM)


(iii)Access via a third party



(ii)It is not detachable

(iii)Direct/random access

-MAGNETIC TAPE- is a kind of magnetic tape.

(i) External

(ii) Removable

(iii) Access via a third party


(Pick any three)

Google Sheets I

Lotus Symphony (ii)

Microsoft Excel (iii)

(iv) Office that is open to the public

(v)Library of Congress

Lotus 1-2-3 (vi) 
Lotus 1-2-3 (vi)
Lotus 1-2-3 (vi)


(I) [Supercomputer, Mainframe, Mini, and Micro Computer] on the basis of size and capacity.

(ii) [General and Special Purpose] on the Basis of Purposes

(iii) Based on Hardware Type and Design [Analog, Digital, and Hybrid Computer].


-ANALOG COMPUTER- is a term used to describe a computer that is not digital.

(I) Analog computers or systems that process continuous data operate with continuous values.

(ii) An analog computer has very little or no memory and can only save a limited quantity of data.

-DIGITAL COMPUTER- is an abbreviation for "digital computer."

(I) Digital computers or systems that process discrete data operate with discrete values.

(ii) A digital computer has a vast memory and can store a lot of information.


(I) Information access

(ii) New resources, new possibilities

Communication (iii)


I Media that is accompanied by a guide

Shielded Twisted Pair (ii) (STP)


(i)Disk formatting is the process of setting up a data storage device such a hard disk drive, floppy disk, or flash drive for the first time.

(ii)A data backup is a copy of computer data that is made and kept in a different location so that it may be utilized to recover the original in the case of a data loss.

(iii)Virus scans: this is the procedure by which antivirus software searches your system for dangerous threats and removes them.


(Pick any 4)

It's utilized for intra-bank transfers I

It is also used for interbank transfers (ii).

It is used to examine account balances (iii).

(iv) it is utilized to produce mini-accounting statements.

(v) it is used to withdraw money from a bank

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Answers to WAEC Data Processing Objectives are now being loaded...

Questions and Answers for WAEC Data Processing

You will be given Objectives questions to pick the correct choice; please verify and study the questions well before trying them.

1. Computers of the first generation made use of

A. a programming language with a low degree of abstraction.

B. programming language with a high degree of abstraction.

Object-oriented programming language written in C.

D. a programming language that follows a set of rules.

2. The primary electronic component of the device was a microprocessor.

A. computers of the first generation.

B. Computers of the second generation.

Computers of the third generation.

D. computers of the fourth generation.

3. Data is the process of extracting information from figures, text, or pictures.

A. assemblage.

B. transformation

C is for preparation.

Processing, D.

4. Except where noted, the following are primary sources of information:

A. enquisitive

Publication (B)

Observation C.

Interview with D.

5. When categorizing computers, which of the following variables is not taken into account?

A. Dimensions

Type B

C. Placement

D. The Goal

6. Which of these routes would allow a Nigerian buyer and a Ghanaian vendor to conduct business?

e-portal is a kind of electronic portal.

B. electronic library

e-commeree C. e-commeree C. e-commeree

podcasting (D)

7. The ICT application that assists in resolving traffic congestion at intersections is

A. a self-service teller machine.

B. a traffic marshal who is automatically activated.

C. a street lamp

D. a traffic signal

The following are the key components of the computer's central processor unit (CPU).

A. memory and register.

A. the control unit and the register. B. the control unit and the register.

C. control unit and ttttttttttttttttt

ALUartdBUS, D.

Except for data, there are nine stages in the data processing cycle.

A. assemblage.

B. assembling.

Parsing is the fourth step.

Processing, D.

10. At what point in the information processing process is data validation performed?

A. Data evaluation

B. Information gathering

C. Information processing

D. Data condensation

11. The medium that allows electromagnetic signals to travel across open space is referred to as

A. media that is unguided.

Intranet (B).

C. media that is led.

D. ethemet is a kind of D. ethemet.

12. Information that excites both the hearing and visual senses is referred to as

A. audio material.

B. information in the form of audio and video.

C. data from video.

Visual information (D).

Except than the above, networking has a number of benefits.

Spamming is a kind of spamming.

B. the pooling of resources

C is for communication.

backup D.

14. Which of the following devices is not capable of transmitting signals from one location to another?

A. Line of communication

Modem (B)

Fibre optics (C)

Coaxial cable (D)

15. Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is also known as

A. the URL of the webpage

B. Internet Protocol Address


D. data connection

Questions on Data Processing Theory from WAEC 2021

Practice with WAEC Data Processing Past Questions. The WAEC Data Processing Essay questions that have been asked before are listed here. Go through them and start studying for the next WAEC test.

1. What is a data model? (a) I

(ii) Describe three different kinds of data models.

(b) I Describe three data modeling methodologies.

(ii) Explain any of the l(b) approaches (t).

2.(a) Vera, a secretary to the organization's management, is assigned the task of typing a confidential report. She is also told to put the word in. Every page of the report has the word "CONFIDENTIAL" written diagonally in the backdrop.

I Identify the most appropriate application software that Vera will need to complete the report.

(ii) Which application software function may be utilized to insert the phrase "CONFIDENTIAL" as directed?

(iii) Describe one precaution that may be done to protect the secrecy of the report's soft copy on the computer.

(b) Define the concepts that follow:

I symbol

(ii) Internet Explorer

3. a) Describe the methods for printing the first five pages of a Word document using the print dialog box on a PC with two printers.

(a) Sadiq mentioned that a pop-up window often appears on his computer screen, distracting him when he is using it.

I What may be the source of the pop-up?

(ii) Identify a likely source of the pop-up element.

(iii) What steps would be required to prevent the pop-up from recurring?

(c) In an auditorium, Mr. Aneke is scheduled to speak to a huge crowd.

I Which computer program should he use to prepare and give his speech?

(ii) Identify the output device that may be utilized to send Mr. Aneke's speech note from his computer to the auditorium's enormous screen.

(d) Describe two different kinds of computer networks.

Objective 2022 and the WAEC Data Essay (EXPO)

The preceding questions are not real WAEC Data Processing questions and answers from 2022, but they are probable WAEC Data Processing questions and answers from the past.

These are just practice questions. During the WAEC Data Processing examination in 2022, the WAEC Data Processing exhibition will be presented on this website. For the answers, keep checking and refreshing this page.

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How to Succeed in the WAEC Data Processing Exam

1. Maintain a Positive Attitude:

It is self-evident that your life will not be positive unless you have a positive perspective. You must have a good attitude about your destiny as you prepare for WAEC.

Don't say things like "WAEC is incredibly difficult; I'm not sure if I'll pass," and don't trust anybody who tells you that you can't pass the 2022 WAEC Data Processing questions on your own.

Have the mindset that "if others have passed WAEC Data Processing WAEC questions before me, then I will too." Refuse to be associated with failure or people who have already failed.

Even if this isn't your first time taking the WAEC Exam, it doesn't imply you won't pass WAEC 2022 Data Processing this time.

With a honed attitude, sit for WAEC Data Processing 2022/2023. Nothing will cause you to fail the WAEC 2022 examination. Your life will not be positive unless you have a positive perspective.

2. Stay away from shady businesses

If you really want to pass WAEC 2022 Data Processing, stay away from dubious firms. They will try to discourage you and get you involved in things that will not help you succeed. Keep in mind that their thinking may not be the same as yours.

3. Make good goals and plans:

If you've decided to pass WAEC Data Processing 2022, the next step is to create goals for yourself. Make a list of the grades you aim to get in WAEC 2022. You should begin preparing now if you want all As, zero Fs, and zero Es.

Make sure you have a timeframe and a master plan in place to meet your objectives. It's important to remember that it takes nothing to dream, but everything to concentrate on your desire.

4. Purchase the following WAEC Data Processing Recommended Textbooks for 2022:

Getting the WAEC 2021 Data Processing suggested texts should be one of your goals. The West African Examination Council usually suggests literature for the test.

Apart from WAEC 2022 English literature, where specified books are required, you are free to study for the WAEC 2022 Data Processing test with any suitable textbook.

Some subjects are more difficult to grasp. If you're having trouble understanding a subject, look for a different textbook that will simplify things for you.

5. Obtain WAEC Data Processing Questions from the Past:

This is an excellent strategy. You might utilize the same old questions to prepare for the WAEC test since the standards are the same.

If you're unsure how to get WAEC Data Processing previous questions, read on. They may be found at decent bookstores all throughout. It's conceivable that the institution where you enrolled may provide you some recent previous questions to assist you prepare for WAEC 2022.

6. Begin studying for WAEC 2022 Data Processing Questions:

Don't squander your time. After you've obtained your textbooks and practice questions, it's time to start reading. You will do well in WAEC 2022 if you start reading and practicing early.

7. Don't Skip the Exercises and Examples:

Secondary school pupils have an undesirable habit of skipping exercises and even examples when studying textbooks.

They were so enamored with notebooks that they may question, "Can I pass WAEC 2022 by reading my Data Processing, Mathematics, and other notebooks?"

Don't be afraid to try workouts; they're there to assist you. Face it and conquer it!

8. Put your knowledge to the test with WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers.

This is an excellent habit to get into. Answer entire one-year WAEC Data Processing previous questions without reviewing the answers every now and then. Then mark to see how well you did. This will assist you in a variety of ways.

9. Maintain Consistent Practice:

Don't get frustrated if particular subjects irritate you; keep practicing until you've mastered them all. Never surrender.

10. Make Recreational Time

Make time for yourself to relax and unwind by playing. Overworking oneself will cause you to squander time needlessly. You will not get anything if you labor more than is required.

Please leave a comment if you have any queries regarding WAEC 2022 Data Processing Questions and Answers.


(i)Alignment:Alignment refers to the way text is arranged in the document between the margins. It enables the composition of a text document using different text positioning on the whole or selected part of a page.

(ii) Word wrap: Word wrap is a word processing feature that automatically transfers a word for which there is insufficient space from the end of one line of text to the beginning of the next.

*(Pick  Any Four)*
(i)Insert text: Allows you o under text anywhere in the document
(ii)Delete text: Allows you to erase characters,words,lines or pages as easily as you van cross them out on paper
(iii)Copy: Allows you to duplicate a section of text
(iv)cut and paste : Allows you to remove (cut) a section of text from one place in a document and insert (paste) it somewhere else.
(v)Print: Allows you to send a document to a printer to get hardcopy.

drop cap
i)type the first word or sentence
ii)highlight the first character
iii)click on drop cap from insert menu
a)click enter after the second paragraph
b)click on colums from page layout on menu bar
c)click on two colums from more colums option
d)mark on line between box select from this point forward on apply to box click ok
ii)clip air
i)launch the coreldraw application
ii)click on ellipse tool or F+ on Keybord and drag
i)on the coreldraw enviroment
ii)click on text tool and click on the place to add the caption
iii)type “Happy Birthday” from the keyboard
i)highlight the caption
ii)click on fill tool
iii)select red colour from fill colour dialog box
i)highlight the caption and click on text on the menu bar
ii)click on text to path
iii)click on the circular object with the arrow

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