Summary of “Sweet Sixteen” for JAMB 2019 UTME Candidate - (100 Questions &Answers)

Sweet Sixteen” by Bolaji Abdulahi (100 Questions) Summary of “Sweet Sixteen” for JAMB 2019 UTME Candidate… This page will guide you on the complete summary of possible 100 Questions and answers 

(1) Who gave Aliya a valentine gift? (a) Mr Bello (b) Zak (c) Akin (d) Tokunbo 
(2) How many bedrooms and sitting rooms are there in the Bello’s house? (a) 5 and 2 (b) 4 and 3 (c) 5 and 4 (d) 5 and 4
(3) What was written on the note that a boy gave to Aliya?
(a) I need you (b) I like you (c) I love you (d) I want you
(4) Why was Aliya scared of meeting the principal?
(a) She feels he wants to propose to her (b) She feels something bad has happened (c) She feels someone caught her doing bad (d) She feels he needs her help
(5) What was the religion of Rebekah? (a) Islam (b) Christian (c) Catholic (d) Judaism
(6) How many persons were present when Mr Bello narrated his first story? (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 1 (d) 4
(7) How many people were present when he narrated his last story? (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 1 (d) 4
(cool Which terrorist groups were mentioned in the story? (a) Avengers and Hezbollah (b) Isis and Militants (c) Bandits and Kidnappers (d) Isis and Boko Haram
(9) According to Mr Bello, Hitler is of the ________religion? (a) Islam (b) Jewish (c) Traditional (d) Christian
(10) What was Mr Bello’s favourite weekend breakfast? (a) Akara and coke (b) Tea (c) Pasta (d) Rice and stew
(11) Where did Bobo travel to? (a) England (b) London (c) Ireland (d) Netherlands
(12) Who did Bobo go to the canteen with? (a) Bisi (b) Aliya (c) Grace (d0 Morayo
(13) Which statement is true about the gift Aliya received? (a) She expected it (b) She was shocked (c) She hugged and thanked him (d) She was very happy
(14) What is the occupation of Mrs Bello?
(a) Historian (b) Journalist (c) Teacher (d) Lawyer
(15) How many years did it take Mr and Mrs Bello to date before getting married? 
(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 1⅓ (d) 3
(16) How many children does Mr Bello have? (a) 2 (b) 1 (c) 3 (d) 4
(17) What was Aliya’s present class? (a) Jss1 (b) SS1 (c) SS2 (d) SS3
(18) Why did she change from wanting to be a pilot? (a) She heard about a crash (b) She is scared of height (c) She dislikes pilots (d) She prefers being a sailor
(19) Why did she change from wanting to be a doctor? (a) She is scared of blood (b) She is scared of corpses (c) She hates putting on white (d) She is asthmatic 
(20) Why does she want to be a lawyer now? (a) She wants to defend the poor (b) she read about Mahatma Gandhi (c) She read John Grisham’s books (d) She wants to follow Sogo’s dad
(21) Which book did Mr Bello give to her to read? (a) Fela Kuti (b) The Prophet (c) Life of Mahatma Gandhi (d) How to Date Wisely
(22) Why did Aliya envy the hawkers? (a) They appeared more beautiful (b) They are hardworking (c) They appeared free (d) They are rich
(23) How many paged letter did Aliya receive? (a) 15 (b) 16 (c) 17 (d) 12
(24) What other package did Mr Bello give to his kid? (a) A tooth brush and hair brush (b) Beverages (c) Camera and phone (d) Camera and a card
(25) Who wrote the novel? (a) Bello Mayorkun (b) Aisha Ali (c) Bola Audu (d0 Bolaji Abdulahi
(26) How many pages does the book have? (a) 51 (b0 58 (c) 35 (d) 53
(27) What is the title of the book Aliya read when she was 14? (a) Sweet Sixteen (b) Letter to my Girl (c) Letter to my Firstborn (d) Letter to My daughter
(28) How old was Aliya when she received her first birthday card from her father? (a) 12 (b) 13 (c) 14 (d) 16
(29) What name does Mrs Bello call Mr Bello when they settle their differences? (a) Joker (b) babe (c) Honey (d) Sweet
(30) What is the meaning of WAEC?
(a) West African Exam council (b) West African Examination Council (c) West African Examining Council (d) West African Examination Corporation
(31) What is Bello’s favourite football club? (a) Liverpool fc (b) Chelsea Fc (c) Barcelona Fc (d) Lyon Fc
(32) Which football player is mentioned in the novel? (a) Drogba (b) Kanu (c) Ronaldo (d) Ali
(33) Miss Saloko teaches what subject? (a) Biology (b) Chemistry (c) Mathematics (d) English Language
(34) On what day of the week did Aliya turn 16? (a) Monday (b) Tuesday (c) Wednesday (d) Thursday
(35) Which subject was giving Aliya a challenge? (a) Biology (b) Chemistry (c) Mathematics (d) Geography
(36) What was Akin known for? (a) jokes (b) Riddles (c) Proverbs (d) Bullying
(37) How many persons were in each room of the hostel? (a) 8 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 5
(38) Who was Grace to Aliya? (a) Roomate (b) Elder sister (c) Cousin (d) Best friend
(39) According to the novel, who is a dumb girl? (a) A girl who cannot talk (b) A girl who hardly talks (c) A girl who always please boys (d) A virgin
(40) Maya Angelou wrote a book entitled: (a) Letter to My Daughter (b) Letter to my Girl (c) Letter to Aliya (d) Letter to Angela
(41) Who said fence made your house look like prison? (a) Sweet Mum (b) Big Mummy (c) Mrs bello (d) The police
(42) Which bar did Aliya and her dad drive to? (a) Aunty Gigis (b) Aunty Gees (c) Aunty jijis (d) Madam Gigis
(43) Which magazine does Aunty Omolara read? (a)Cosmopolitan (b) Every Woman (c) Sexy babes (d) Sex Slaves
(44) How many tea bags does Mr Bello like in his tea? (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) None
(45) John Grisham is a _______ (a) Musician (b) Politician (c) Doctor (d) Lawyer
(44) in what subject did Aliya see a girl cheating? (a) Chemistry (b) Physics (c) Biology (d) Geography
(45) Which poem is the motto for 2012 Olympics? (a) Ulysses (b) Summer (c) Strive to Win (d) Never Give up
(46) What is the religion of the Principal of Aliya’s school? (a) Islam (b) Christian (c) Traditional (d) Hinduism
(47) Khalil Gibran is a ___________ poet (a) Lebanese (b) Congolese (c) Zambian (d) Jewish
(48) Who was the first prime minister of India? (a) Nehru Jawaharlal (b) Mahatma Gandhi (c) Khalil Gibran (d) Muhammad Aliyu
(49) What is the full meaning of HAK? (a) Hugs and Kisses (b) Heads and Kisses (c) Hand and Kisses (d) Hurry and Kiss
(50) What is meaning of KOTL (a) kiss only Ten Ladies (b) Kiss on Toes and Legs (c) Kiss on the Lips (d) kissers Own Tender Lovers
(51) Bobo was seen with _______ going to the Canteen.(a) Grace (b) Bisi (c) Rebecca (d) Morayo
(52) Zak is part of the school _________team. (a) basketball (b) football (c) handball (d) Athletics
(53) 53x is a slang for ______ (a) kiss (b) ex (c) sex (d) hug
(54) KPC means (a) Keep Playing Courtship (b) Kiss, pout and Court (c) Keep Playing Catch (d) Keep Parents Clueless
(55) Ali Farka Toure is a ________ (a) poet (b) actor (c) singer (d) imam
(56)Who said: “Most beautiful garden has different colours and flowers” (a) Muhammad Ali (b) Fela Kuti (c) Ali Toure (d) Bello Aliyu
(57) Which word did she search for using her mum’s phone? (a) Dating (b) Stereotype (c) Beauty (d) Puberty
(58) What indicates that Boko Haram is not out to destroy only Christians? (a) They bomb mosques (b) They are Christians (c) They are pastors (d) They are Nigerians
(59) According to the novel, Akin is known to be
(a) talkative and lazy
(b) talkative and brilliant
(c) talkative and arrogant
(d) talkative and hideous
(60) “She was gone now…she has graduated now. You forgot I told you she was in SS3” Who is being referred to (a) Bisi (b) Morayo (c) Bunmi (d) Grace
(61) What life threatening illness does Aliya suffer from? (a) Asthma (b) Cancer (c) kidney stone (d) Diabetes
(62) Who is referred to as “Fatima” in the novel (a) Aliya (b) Grace (c) Bunmi (d) Bisi 
(63) “It is not my place to punish you for whatever sin you may have committed. But is my duty to help another human being who needs my help” Who is the speaker and the listener?
(a) Hunter and an animal (b) Slave and an injured Master (c) Son and Father (d) Soldier and Civilian
(64) Aliya attempted to hit Rebecca because she accused her _______ (a) family (b) teacher (c) religion (d) friend
(65) “Many people thought she was snobbish. But I knew she was nice and generous” Who is Aliya describing (a) Bisi (b) Grace (c) Mrs Bello (d) Miss Salako
(66) “No testing” referred to (a) Electronics (b) Accommodation (c) Vehicles (d) food
(67) Khalil Gibran died in the year….(a)1931 9b) 1921 (c) 1934 (d) 1941
(68) “That one? He has an araldite in his hands. He wont pay…” who is being talked about (a) Mr Bello (b) Bobo (c) Principal (d) Big Mummy
(69) Why did Aliya pick up the Teddy bear from the trash bin? (a) She likes it (b) She felt pity for it (c) She misses Bobo (d) She wants to please the father
(70) “Teacher don’t teach me nonsense” this is a title for a
(a) book (b) music (c) place (d) mountain
(71) Who said this: “Child means the same as stupid” (a) Bisi (b) Aliya (c) Mr Bello (d) Miss Salako
(72) “No. It was like 14 and 15. Couldn’t feel different” The statement was made when _____asked a question. (a) Aliya (b) Mr Bello (c) Bisi (d) Bunmi
(73) The story ended with an incomplete story about (a) hunter (b) farmer (c) teacher (d) politician
(74) Mr Bello tried teaching Aliya__________ game. (a) Chess (b) Scrabble (c) Card (d) Board
(75) “Boys like dumb girls” in this occasion, ___________ was speaking to _____________
(a) Mrs Bello-Aliya (b) Mr Bello-Aliya (c) Principal-Teacher (d) Zak-Morayo
(76) “Geography class could be boring” Who said this: (a) Akin (b) Bobo (c) Aliya (d) Morayo 
(77) Mr Bello took a drive with Aliya to discuss about _________
(a) Sex (b) romance (c) maturity (d) Menstruation
(78) Who are referred to as Tom and Jerry? (a) Aliya and Grace (b) Morayo and Tokunbo (c) Mr and Mrs bello (d) Aliya and her dad
(79) According to the novel, the lorry that is mentioned has an Inscription: “No Condition is Permanent”, the fading word is:
(a) No (b) Condition (c) is (d) Permanent 
(80) Interpret this statement: “…they would not mind trading places with you right now”
(a) the girls sell places (b) they would like Aliya to be in their place (c) they would prefer being a sister to Aliya (d) They would prefer being in an A/C filled car than hawking
(81) “Sometimes, hunger is what you need to drive you ahead in life” The hunger here encourages____ (a) handwork (b) desire (c) skills (d) employment
(82) “It’s quite possible they have started doing bad things with boys” “Bad thing here refers to (a) sex (b) theft (c) exam malpractice (d) a peck”
(83) “Bush girl” refers to a______ (a) a witch (b) a princess in the forest (c) a celibate (d) a harlot
(84) Aliya discussed the letter _______ after she received it. (a) a month (b) a day (c) a week (d) a year
(85) Which meal did Mrs Bello teach Aliya to prepare according to the novel (a) Akara (b) Tea (c) Stew (d) Pap
(86) “…it was better to die in poverty than to be a prosperous thief” Who was Mr Bello referencing
(a) his Uncle (b) His Mother (c) His father (d) His wife
(87) “Failure can teach us humility, strength and perseverance” this means “failure ”
(a) can teach us (b) can make us proud (c) can make us successful (d) can make us laugh
(88) According to the novel, who said: ” … a time will come when technology will surpass human interaction and the world will the world will have generation of idiots” (a) Albert Einstein (b) Karl Marx (c) Charles Darwin (d) Adolf Hitler
(89) “Gandhi test” refers to (a) an exam (b) self-examination (c) a decision (d) a scripture
(90) “… I will eat later … I had something important on my mind than food” What was more important to Aliya (a) sex (b) money (c) kissing (d) dating
(91) To Mr Bello, P.C in K.P.C means (a)Personal Capacity (b) Personal Computer (c) Personal capital (d) Personal Cashier
(92) “Thick as thieves” the “thieves” here refers to (a) Mr and Mrs Bello (b) Aliya and Mr bello (c) Morayo and Aliya (d) The orange hawkers
(93) Who said : “hating people because of their colour is wrong” (a) Fela Kuti (b) Ali Bongo (c) Mrs Bello (d) Muhammad Ali
(94) Despite the fact that Akin cracks jokes in class, he still got _____ in mathematics. (a) A (b) B (c) C (d) D
(95) Aliya ____________ a party on her 16th birthday. (a) expected (b) didn’t expect (c) planned for (d) hosted 
(96) What did Aliya plan to buy for the school when she becomes the senior prefect
(a) nebuliser (b) camera (c) a mower (d) a spade
(97) “Michael West” refers to a _______ (a) a phone (b) an electronic (c) a cabinet (d) a book
(98) “Anaconda” in the novel refers to a ______ (a) beast (b) wave (c) sea (d) iceberg
(99) Where did Mrs Bello go to after the story of a Slave and a Master (a) kitchen (b) market (c) salon (d) bakery
(100) Who owns this quote : “Nobody can hurt me without my permission” (a) Alfred Tennyson (b) Mahatma Gandhi (c) Chinua Achebe (d) Mr Bello


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