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31-40 ABABACAB(-)C


Now the Philistines were fighting against Israel, and the men of Israel fled before the Philistines, and they fell slain on Mount Gilboa. And the Philistines overtook Saul and his sons, and the Philistines killed Jonathan and Abinadab and Malki-Shua, the sons of Saul. Saul was in the thick of the battle, and the archers spotted him, and he was badly wounded by the archers. Then Saul said to his armor bearer, “Draw your sword and thrust me through with it, so that these uncircumcised do not come and thrust me through and make a fool of me!” But his armor bearer was not willing to do sobecause he was very afraid. So Saul took the sword and fell on it. And when his armor bearer saw that Saul was dead, he also fell on his sword and died with him. So Saul died, and his three sons, his armor bearer, and all his men together that same day.

i)Disobedience To God Will Appear As Though You're Not Concerned About Others.
ii)Disobedience To God Won't Stop God From Pursuing You.

(i) Amos pronounced God's judgment against Damascus the capital city of Syria. They had mistreated expectant mothers who according to the law were not to be attacked during wars, God was therefore going to send fire on the nation.
(ii) God would send fire to destroy Philistia for selling their citizens as slaves to Edom. 
(iii) Tyre was to be destroyed with fire for selling Israelites as slaves to Edom.
(iv) Edom were also to be destroyed with fire for killing and enslaving citizens of Jerusalem

(i) This was the choosing of Israel by God as a special people through whom humankind could know God
(ii) Amos taught that God chose Israel out of the love for her forefathers and so they were not to be proud of that because God could have chosen another nation.
(iii) Israelites were called to serve Yahweh failure of which meant punishment.

Peter was heavily guarded. Escape would have been impossible since he was sleeping between two guards and bound with two chains. Sentries were even guarding the door. But God is certainly the God of the impossible! When the angel appears he patiently guides Peter in getting up and dressed and then leads him past all of the guards, through the city gates (which opened on their own) and down a street before disappearing as quickly as he had appeared.
At first Peter thought he was in a vision but, when the angel disappeared, he knew that these events were actually happening.
Upon realising this his first thought was to go to Mary’s house. This must have been a common place for Christians to meet.
The instant recognition that the servant girl, Rhoda, had of Peter and her immediate excitement and joy when she opened the door reveals how all social levels of society met together as Christians. This house full of people had been praying for Peter’s release so it is almost humorous that they don’t believe Rhoda when she announces that he had indeed been freed.

i)Helps Us Determine God's Will
ii)Prayer Accomplishes God's Work
iii)A Weapon of Spiritual Warfare


James in his letter buttressed the importance of faith in Christianity. He asserts that a Christian's faith should reflect through his or her work. For instance, if one should see another naked or hungry and instead of offering clothing or food to the person, and rather he or she is abandoned. How then can the person prove it boast about his faith in Christ. 
He aggressively that such a fellow that does not exhibit good works does not have faith. Furthermore, even the idol. Worshippers and some other unbelievers also know that there is God, but since their works does not portray good Christian living; Their evil works has disannuled their faith. Hence, their faith is dead. More so he added that Abraham was justified by his works when he had offered Issac his son in the altar. Hence not just by faith. 
Rehab, the harlot was also justified by works when she delivered the people of God who were about being killed. 
Conclusively, according to James, faith not backed up with works is dead. 

(i) It makes one fearless 
(ii) It makes a Christian to trust and have confidence in God. 
(iii) It makes a Christian to fulfill his destiny. 
(iv) it brings the blessings of God to someone. 

(v) It makes one justified before God.


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